Have you ever heard of Best Choice Auto Glass? If not, listen up, because what I am about to tell you may change the way you get Muskogee windshield repair done forever. First of all, how old is your car? What year, make, and model? How did you hear about us? Have you heard of our Best Choice Detail? Before you get freaked out, let me clarify: these are some of the questions you may be asked when on the phone with a Best Choice Auto Glass employee. I am not trying to be weird and ask you strange questions. I am just giving you an idea of how much information someone may want when you call, enquiring about a Muskogee windshield repair. Again, before you get freaked out, this isn’t unusual when calling to get your windshield repaired. In fact, have you ever called anyone else on a Muskogee windshield repair? If you have, then I don’t need to tell you about how hard it is to get both someone’s actual attention, and a good price for the windshield repair. Instead of getting to actually talk to someone, you get a robot at first, then you have to wait to be transferred to someone else, and that may take even half of an hour! Plus, when you finally get an answer, you find out they may not even be able to get to you within the week, AND that their price is about $60 above what it could be or needs to be. What do you do after hearing this outrageous price? Well, you could politely say thanks, but I’m going to keep looking, and hang up, and, hopefully, don’t give them a call back. Do you know why? Because, if you called a big corporation, then they probably don’t care a thing about whether or not you are satisfied with their customer service, only that they get as much money out of you as they can. None of us, let alone those with families to take care of, jobs to hold up, and a million other things you have to do daily, weekly, or even monthly, and there is no way you could manage without your car to take your kids to school, maybe even yourself to college, to the grocery store, the post office, the UPS Office, work, I’m sure your husband also has a car he uses to get around in, and so on and so forth. You need your car for so many things every day, there is no WAY you can deal with an annoying crack right down the middle, in your line of sight. And, you know, motorcycles are really easy to miss, even in the best of circumstances, but when you have a large crack in your windshield, it makes it even harder to see them coming, or even to see them just cruising ahead of you. So, what do you do? Well, most likely, you are fifteen minutes late for work and you don’t have time to deal with the crack right now. You’ll wait for the weekend. So, you go to Jiffy Lube, and they say they will get to you as soon as they can. Four hours later, they are still jammed and you are still doing nothing in the waiting room, and if you couldn’t find someone to babysit your kids, it could be even worse, because kids get bored after, like, 20 minutes, let alone 4 hours sitting and doing nothing. Finally, you decide you can’t do it this weekend and maybe you can schedule an appointment. So, you schedule an appointment for next weekend, and then you still have to wait a few hours while your windshield sets. Well, that was a whole lot of trouble! What if you found out there was a company who could do it infinitely better? I’m sure you would be pretty annoyed, so let me tell you right now, before you get your Muskogee windshield repair dealt with, choose Best Choice auto Glass! This company was founded in 1991 by Mark Burgess soon after he moved down here from Alaska with his wife and kids. He still owns the business today and is still in the field, doing Muskogee windshield repair and managing his business and his two employees as the only full-time job he needs. He is detail-oriented, kind, caring, compassionate, and also professional and he trains his employees and runs his business to be the same way. One way y9ou know you are getting the quality you deserve is by knowing that both of his employees have both been doing this for several years, and are both every experienced in any type of Muskogee windshield repair you might need, or even any windshield replacement, including that of semi trucks. So, never fear, no truck is too big for Mark and his team to work on. He and his team always make sure you get the quality you deserve. And, did you know, that if Mark or his employees do the Muskogee windshield repair, they actually do it in a way that makes the Muskogee windshield repair stronger than that area of the original glass? It’s true! Plus, with every repair, they include the Best Choice Detail, comprising of them cleaning all of the other glass in your car, wiping the front door jambs, using floor mats on the replacements, and even vacuuming the front carpets of your car. Plus, very soon, we will be donating a portion of every job price to a charity, so we are not just making a profit for ourselves, but also trying to help others, including you, because we are a completely mobile business, and saving you time and hassle is our job! So, right now, go get some index cards and write down Best Choice Auto Glass and the phone number (918) 835-6026. Give these cards to your friends and family, tape them to your ridge, and put them in your car’s glove box. This will ensure you always know who to call when you need a Muskogee windshield repair or replacement.