If you are a citizen of the Muskogee windshield repair area, you probably have a car that you use to get around in every day; we all have a busy day, and if you are super busy mom, then it is even more complicated for you to have your Muskogee windshield repair taken care of. So, you are driving to the post office, or the grocery store, work, the daycare, football practice, dance rehearsal, the school, or a million other places that we need to be every day, whether we think about it or not. It probably seems like we need to do things all day, every day. And, the truth is, if you are trying to hold up a steady job, you probably do. So, you are driving to work. That morning had been rough: the baby threw up way more than usual, one child got out of bed 30 minutes late, and one child didn’t bring her lunch with her to school: all this combined made you about 20 minutes late rushing out the door. So, you are driving down the street, and it begins to hail, or maybe just a rock flies up and hits your windshield. So, yo take a deep breath and keep driving. Later, after examining the spot in question, you discover, oh great, here it comes: a chip. I mean, that’s fine, right? It’s not in your way of view, or anything, but you know you should probably get it fixed anyway. So, you call the repair company: Safelite, Glass by Tony, or any other Muskogee windshield repair company. While you watch TV for half of an hour, you wait to be transferred to the right representative to get a price. This price is, like, 100 dollars for a chip repair?! THat’s not right. ALso, it’s going to be, like, three days until they can take care of it; how much of a bummer is that? THat’s pretty not nice, then, you also have to go to a waiting room and sit and do nothing but take care of your kids for 4 hours straight. Oh, but wait, you are working on the day; so, it will be at least until the weekend before you can get your Muskogee windshield repair. The babysitter isn’t available that day, so, oh, look! Your children have made a mess of the waiting room. Isn’t there a way the company could come to you? No, all of their trucks are booked up until that date. Okay, so now that you have gone through all that hassle, you decide the chip can wait. So, three days later, there is snow: what does your chip do? It is now the cause of a $300 dollar windshield replacement. You realize, now, that you definitely should have just gotten the chip repaired as soon as you saw it, so you call up the company and pay the $300, wait in the waiting room for now 5 hours while your windshield sets, and you definitely wish you had never gotten the chip in the first place. So, now you pass on this information: this is definitely not a good company to go with; they are slow and quote outrageous prices for your Muskogee windshield repair. So, if you don’t go to that company, what company should you go with for your Muskogee windshield repair? It should definitely be one that appreciates you as a customer, and realizes that you don’t have time to wait an entire week before you can get your Muskogee windshield repair; no one has time for that; never has, and never will. It would be really nice if this company had some trucks available, right? That way, maybe they could come by in the evening and get it done so it can be ready to drive again in the morning. Wouldn’t that be nice? Ooh! Maybe, they could offer same-day, service. You might even settle for next-day service. Well, guess what? There is actually a company that does all of this. WHAT?! Yeah! Best Choice Auto Glass was founded in 1991 by Mark Burgess. He moved down from Alaska with his family and learned the business from one of his wife’s cousins. He now has two employees, Brian and Andrew, and both have been with him for several years. In fact, he is still in the field himself, doing Muskogee windshield repiar and replacements. Also, he has been doing commercial truck repairs and commercial truck replacements for over 23 years–he started doing them soon after he founded the business, and he is just as good at them today as he was when he started getting good at them.So, let’s go back to the basics. Best Choice Auto Glass, since it has been in business so long, you know it has to be doing something right. Well, one of those things is that he and his company are completely mobile! There is no shop, ensuring you don’t ever have to worry about going to a waiting room and entertaining your kids while your windshield sets, and you never have to worry about where your car is, because there is a good chance they can come straight to you; even to your workplace! They are timely, courteous, and professional. Now, Mark always pays strict attention to detail and has trained his employees to be so, too. Also, they have a nationwide warranty on their workmanship, so if your windshield leaks because of something we did wrong, we’ll come out and fix it–FREE! Plus, with every windshield replacement, we offer our Best Choice Detail–we will vacuum the front carpets, wipe the door jambs, and clean all of the rest of the glass in your car. We are always on time, and we never leave you hanging; if there is going to be a change in schedule, we will always let you know! So, get some index cards and write down the phone number (918) 835-6026–your quote is always free, and we never give you a bloated or higher-than-it-needs to be price.