Muskogee Windshield Repair

Do you live in Muskogee or the surrounding area? Do you have a considerable crack in your muskogee windshield repair? I urge you to get that fixed immediately. Did you know that you can get pulled over by the police because of it? The reason why is because it is a safety hazard to yourself as well as the public. What if a rock were to fling up and hit that crack and cause it to shatter while you were driving? That could be very fatal to you plus the other vehicles involved in the accident. But I do understand that money plays a factor as well as knowing who to trust. Your car is your baby and you want it taken care of. Let me tell you about a glass company that you can definitely trust. They will fix your muskogee windshield repair fast but efficiently and with the quality you want. In fact the quality of work this company does who blow you away. The name of the business is called Best Choice Auto Glass and would you believe that they have been around since the fall of 1991? You might wonder if they have been around that long why you don’t know about them. I mean everyone has heard of Safelite or Robinson glass and they have not been around since 1991. And yes, it is easier to go with a company for your muskogee windshield repair that you and everyone has heard of right? Wrong. Just because everyone knows about them does not mean they are the best or that they do good quality work. First off, this company has not always been Best Choice Auto Glass. Mark Burgess, owner and CEO, started his company under the name of Mark’s Windshield Repair. Best Choice Auto Glass LLC has only been around for about three years. But Mark has applied the same high standards to his employees at Best Choice Auto Glass that he did with Mark’s Windshield Repair. Mark and his family came to Oklahoma in the fall of 1991 from Anchorage, Alaska. He had a completely different occupation in Alaska. So you know what that means? He did not know anything about the glass industry and how to do muskogee windshield repairs or replacements. He did have a relative that lived in Oklahoma that owned his own glass business so he went to him and trained with him for a while. Of course he had a family to feed so he couldn’t train long. He soon set out on his own with his own truck and his own supplies. He did not have a shop, he choose to go to his customers for their muskogee windshield repairs and replacements. And this option is highly appreciated, I assure you. It took Mark years to build a client base but he did not give up. He learned everything he needed to learn year after year to keep up with the changes in regulations and safety procedures. He even became certified in DOW, which is the company that makes the urethane that is used to cure the windshield to the body of the vehicle. Mark has never compromised his high standards or work ethics to make a little extra money. He makes sure that he trains each and every employee those standards and expects them to withhold those standards at all times. Now let me tell you about their services because here is the exciting part. THEY ARE AFFORDABLE! You see what most people do not know is that often times there is more than one windshield for your vehicle. And these windshields have different “options” and depending on what options you have will make the price of your muskogee windshield repair and replacement vary. Most glass companies will not ask those questions and find out which options you have. They will just quote you the most expensive one, no matter what you have. Not Best Choice Auto Glass. They will ask the right questions and find out exactly which options you have, therefore making your windshield replacement affordable. Now once Best Choice Auto Glass arrives for your windshield replacement they will put floor mats down on your front carpets. Awesome right? You know how frustrating it is to get your car back from your mechanic and it dirty on the steering wheel and on the floors. But with Best Choice Auto Glass, they will leave your car cleaner than when they started. That has always been Mark’s motto. You see he is very particular about his vehicles. Work and personal and he wants his customers to know that he will treat their vehicle just like his own. So you know if Mark is working on your vehicle. It will be well taken care of. Once the windshield installation is complete, they will remove the floor mats and hang on, because here comes the best part. They will vacuum your front carpets, clean the exterior of the rest of the windows on the vehicles and wipe the front door jambs! Amazing right? You can call every glass company in the phone book and you will find no one will give you the customer that Best Choice Auto Glass will. And that is what sets Best Choice Auto Glass apart from the other big companies like Safelite and Robinson Glass. Those companies care more about a name then satisfying their customers. If you don’t believe me you could always google Best Choice Auto Glass and see for yourself. You can read their reviews and see that they are good at what they do and all their customers are very well satisfied. Once you use them once you will never want to look for anyone else because you will know that they are the best. You will want to tell all your friends and everyone you know because you won’t want anyone else to go to any other company for their auto glass needs. Call Best Choice Auto Glass today! Don’t wait!