Muskogee Windshield Repair

There are many things that can be challenging to know what to do when it comes to fixing your vehicle. Cars are very complicated and sometimes you just don’t know where to start. Replacing your windshield is no different. Maybe you have a big crack that just started as a small chip and now it is the entire length the windshield. And you just as stumped to know what to do or who to call to fix it. Your muskogee windshield repair or replacement is stressing you out and you want to get it fixed so you need a company that will do things right the first time, that is honest, fast, mobile and dependable. I have great news for you. I am here to tell you about a glass company that is all that and more and will make your muskogee windshield repair a priority. They will get you an appointment within twenty-four to forty-eight hours you calling them and you will not have to worry about it done right. You will not have to worry about them not showing up. They are very good at communicating to you if they need to change or move your appointment. I guess you might be wondering the name of this company. The name of this amazing business is Best Choice Auto Glass. So let me tell you about them. Mark Burgess, owner and CEO, started this company in the fall of 1991 after packing up his family in Anchorage, Alaska and moved and settled to a small town in Oklahoma. He was actually in a different profession before he moved so when he started his glass business he knew nothing about replacing windshields. Amazing right? He did have a relative in Oklahoma that owned his own glass company so you know what he did? He went to him and trained for a bit. Then he packed up his truck with the supplies he needed and set out on his own. It took some time to get his name out there. But with determination and hard work he did exactly that. Twenty-four years later, his company is rated one of the highest in Oklahoma and he is well known by all his customer’s and countless other companies as being the most honest man in the glass business in Oklahoma. So let us talk about the services from start to finish. When you call Best Choice Auto Glass for your muskogee windshield repair or replacement you will speak to kind customer representative that will give you quote right over the phone and explain the services they provide. She will tell you that if you get a muskogee windshield repair or replacement you will receive a free chip in the first year, which is a $55 dollar value. Pretty cool right? So say you are just driving down the road and a rock suddenly flings on your windshield and leaves a small chip. Well since you had a muskogee windshield repair or replacement done, they will come fix that chip for free! And when Best Choice Auto Glass gets done, you won’t even know you had a chip to begin with! But wait! That is not all! You will also get a free mini detail service after the installation is complete, which includes vacuuming the front carpets, cleaning the exterior of the rest of the windows on the vehicle and wiping the front door jambs. You were not expecting such amazing service were you? Well that is what this company is all about. You see, Mark built his company with very high standards and morals and he has never compromised those standards and will never compromise them. Not even to make a few extra bucks. And I will give you an example of this. Most people do not know how much their muskogee windshield repair or replacement will cost. Or what “options” your vehicle may have. And the cost of a windshield really depends on what options you have. Most other glass companies will price you windshield. No matter what options you have. And then you won’t know any better. But with Best Choice Auto Glass, they will ask these questions. They will quote you the windshield you need and the windshield with the options that you have. And more than likely it will be considerable cheaper. Mark wants his customer to know two things. One, he will quote you the windshield you need and it will be affordable. Second, Mark wants you to know that your windshield replacement is in good hands. He will treat your vehicle like his own. And if you know Mark, you know he is very particular and detailed with his own work and personal vehicles. So you will know that if Mark is working on your vehicle, he will leave it cleaner than when he started it. If you do not believe me, I urge you to google Best Choice Auto Glass and read their reviews. They have a lot of loyal customers. And you will see why by their reviews. The reviews talk to about their honesty, the quality of work they give you, the communication, their fast and mobile service. Everyone knows that Best Choice Auto Glass does things the right way the first time. And all of their work has a no leak lifetime guarantee. So if something happens, which is rare, they will come back and make it right. You will never see them do a job and disappear with your money and not make it right like other countless glass companies do. Or if you still don’t believe me, call other glass companies and ask them about their services or look at other ratings. You won’t need to call another company again. Once you use Best Choice Auto Glass, you will be a loyal customer just like everyone else. So please don’t delay anymore. Don’t worry about calling anyone else. Pick up the phone and call Best Choice Auto Glass today for your free quote!