Muskogee Windshield Replacement

I have some good news for you if you live in the Tulsa, Muskogee and the surrounding areas. You may be wondering what this is in regards to so let me tell you. Have you had to get out the phone book and flip through page after page and spend hours on the phone calling the countless glass companies to fix your Muskogee windshield replacement or repair? If so you are not alone. How does anyone know what questions to ask? Or what to look for in a good glass company? There are a lot of glass companies out there that will promise all the good things but how do you know which one to reply on? Wouldn’t be a lot simpler if you already knew and trusted a glass company that you could call at a moments notice and will come out that day or the next day to fix your windshield? That is why I am here because I know of such a company. The business is Best Choice Auto Glass. Mark Burgess, founder and CEO, started this business in the fall of 1991. That is twenty-seven years! That alone is amazing and not a easy thing to do. That means they are doing something right? Mark packed up his family from Anchorage, Alaska and traveled across about 1500 miles and settled in a small town in Oklahoma. The thing is Mark didn’t know anything about the glass industry. He had a relative that owned his own glass business so Mark trained under for a time. After getting the basics down, he got all the supplies he needed for his truck and took out on his own. He did set up a shop but rather did everything mobile because he thought he could better serve his customers and their Muskogee windshield replacement or repair if he could go to them. And that is right. You know how much of a hassle it is to drop your car off at the mechanic and then be without your car for half a day, maybe even a full day. And then if you have to sit in their waiting room and wait for it or if you have to figure getting rides to and from your mechanic if you don’t stay. All that to say, it is very stressful to be without your vehicle for more than an hour or two. Especially if your schedule is busy. Which most people have schedules full from morning to evening. So that is one perk to choosing Best Choice Auto Glass for your Muskogee windshield replacement needs. If you can’t take off of work and need them to come to your place of work, they will do that. And you can work while they fix your windshield. Or if you can’t leave your home and maybe you have young kids at home or you work from home, they will come to your home. That is so convenient right? Now let us talk about their prices. You see they are known around Tulsa, Muskogee and the surrounding areas as having some of the most affordable prices around. And let me tell you why. What most people don’t know about windshields is that there is more than one windshield that can go into your vehicle. Each windshield has what are called “specs”. When you call a glass company, most of them do not ask what specs your Muskogee windshield replacement has. They will quote the “universal” windshield which may have all the specs. Even the ones you don’t need. Which makes your windshield pretty costly. But not Best Choice Auto Glass. Mark or his customer service representative will ask these questions. Mark knows the importance and stress of keeping in a budget. The cost of one windshield is stressful enough so he will only quote you glass you need and that is generally way cheaper than the glass companies. Best Choice Auto Glass also has a lifetime no leak guarantee. Most glass companies do not offer a warranty. So if something happens to your Muskogee windshield replacement or repair and it leaks or you have to buy another one, you will be out the cost of two windshields instead of one. Best Choice Auto Glass will come out immediately if something happens and it will not cost you a cent. So if you run across a company with a really cheap price, just be careful because they really won’t offer the lifetime warranty and you then will be really digging deep in your pocket book. Another great thing about Best Choice Auto Glass is their same day scheduling. If you call early enough in the day, they will come fix your Muskogee windshield replacement that day! If they can’t get to you that day, they will set you up an appointment for the next day. Now that is speedy service! A lot of companies you have to wait three or four days to get your vehicle in. And wait, there’s more! Once Best Choice Auto Glass arrives at the location of your choosing they will place floor mats on the front driver and passenger carpets so they don’t get your carpets all dirty and muddy. Then once the job is complete, they will remove them and vacuum the carpets, clean the door jams, the windows and your rear-view mirror. Isn’t that amazing service? Mark has very high standards and values and wants you to know your vehicle will be left cleaner than when they started. If you don’t believe me, I urge you to look them up on google. Read their reviews from their customers. You won’t see an unhappy customer anywhere. Everyone loves the honesty, integrity, dependability, reliability, fast and speedy service, excellent customer service and of course the mini detail service! And once you use Best Choice Auto Glass, you will be a customer for life. So don’t wait any longer. I urge you to pick up the phone today and call them for your free quote today!