Muskogee Windshield Replacement

Do you have a chip repair or a large crack in your windshield that you have been putting off to get fixed? Do you live in the Tulsa, Muskogee or the surrounding areas? No need to spend any more time stressing or searching through the phone book. Or spending hours on the phone calling each one and getting prices. There is a company called Best Choice Auto Glass that will take care of your Muskogee windshield replacement or repair needs. Mark Burgess, founder and CEO, started this company in 1991. That is right. They have been around for twenty-seven years. Best Choice Auto Glass is known for their affordable prices, honesty, dependability, reliability and excellent customer service. You can count on Mark to not compromise his values and standards to make a few extra bucks. That is a lot of what makes Mark stand out from the rest of the glass industry. So let us talk about the differences. Most glass businesses have a shop that they work out of. Mark does not have a shop. He is completely mobile and will come to you to do the job. If you don’t want to take off of work, he will come to your place of work. He will even come to the comfort of your home if you can’t get away from the house. That’s a big difference. Another difference would be how fast the job gets done. A lot of companies do not make your Muskogee windshield replacement or repair a priority. It may take a couple of days for some places to get your windshield fixed. With Best Choice Auto Glass you are seen with twenty-four to forty-eight hours within calling them. That is fast service! Mark understands your vehicle can be your lifeline and you can’t be without it for very long. That is why you are seen so quickly. You might be wondering about his prices. Well let me tell you, his prices are affordable! Best Choice Auto Glass understands a budget and the hassle of the cost of your Muskogee windshield replacement. Mark builds his prices specifically on that because everyone dreads spending the money to their get Muskogee windshield replacement fixed. Sounds great so far right? Well just wait. There is a lot more to know about this wonderful company. All of Best Choice Auto Glass has a lifetime guarantee. So if something happens to your windshield or chip repair afterwards such a leak, they will come back and fix whatever the problem is at no cost to you. That is an important thing to remember if you are calling different companies in search of the best company to fix your windshield. You might find a company that has a cheaper price but they may not offer a lifetime warranty. So you may pay $100 without the lifetime warranty for your Muskogee windshield replacement but the next week when it rains you may get a leak. And it may damage the roof or some molding in your car. Well because you don’t have that warranty you know have to pay for another windshield. So by the time everything is said and done, you have bought two windshields instead of one. So going with a cheaper price is not always the best decision when it comes to taking care of your vehicle. Let us talk about what Best Choice Auto Glass offers with their services. When they come to the your desired location for your Muskogee windshield replacement or repair, Mark or his installers will place floor mats on your front driver and passenger side carpets so they don’t get dirt or mud on your carpets. The entire job will only take an hour or two. Once it is completed, they will remove those mats, vacuum the front driver and passenger carpets, clean the windows, rear view mirror and the door jams. That is great service! Who doesn’t want their car cleaned after it’s fixed? That is definitely not a requirement but a bonus and not you won’t find that except with Best Choice Auto Glass. And that’s not all. If you need a chip repair done within 180 days of getting a windshield replaced by us we will fix that repair for free. That’s right! That is a $55 dollar value. This company aims to save you money and time. Most companies do not care how much they take from your pocket book but Best Choice Auto Glass understands the meaning of a budget and customer service. They are prompt and efficient. You know when your car needs maintenance and procastate in taking it in because you will be without your vehicle for hours maybe even a few days? With Best Choice Auto Glass your Muskogee windshield replacement or repair will done in a few hours and then it’s done! Look them up on google. Read their reviews. I assure you will so curious if what everyone is saying is true. You won’t be able to resist trying their services. And then you will then be one of their loyal customers. They have had customers almost as long as they have been in business. Then if something ever happens again to your windshields, there will be no need to spend hours looking through the phone book or calling for price quotes. All you will have to do is call their number 918 835 6026 and let Mark or one of his representatives that you need them to come out for another repair. And you will know that it won’t break your bank either. But everyone has good reviews right? Well most companies do but I guarantee you will find that Best Choice Auto Glass has some of the best reviews that you will find. You won’t need to spend the hours looking for another company. All yours needs and more will be met by Best Choice Auto Glass. Give them a call today for your free quote! You won’t be disappointed at all that you did!