Muskogee Windshield Replacement

Are you putting off fixing that large chip repair or crack that is now the entire length of your Muskogee windshield replacement? Does your budget this month not allow for a several hundred dollar windshield but you have got to get it fixed in order to drive in your vehicle safely? Those unexpected expenses are tough and adds a lot of stress to an already busy schedule. Well I ask that you give me a few minutes to tell you about a glass company that will meet all your Muskogee windshield replacement needs. There is a company called Best Choice Auto Glass. Mark Burgess, founder and CEO, started this business when he moved from Anchorage, Alaska to Oklahoma in October of 1991. That is right. This company has been around for twenty-seven years. That alone would make me trust them for my Muskogee windshield replacement. They must be doing something right don’t you think? You might be wondering why you haven’t heard of them nationally or why you haven’t see business vehicles driving around or even just heard about them by word of mouth. Mark started his business out of his truck. And that is how he served his customers for twenty-seven years. He does all his work complete mobile. He does not have a shop. He feels it would be more convenient for the customer if he went to the location of their choice. Who wouldn’t want their Muskogee windshield replacement  done in their driveway or in the parking lot of their work. I would also rather trust a company that has been around for twenty-seven years than a company that has been around for only ten. Best Choice Auto Glass has gone through their growing pains. They have had time to perfect their work. Mark didn’t know anything about the glass business but a relative taught him enough for him to get started. Mark knew from the start what his priority was going to be and that is customer service, honesty, integrity, reliability, dependability and fast mobile service. In twenty-seven years Mark has never compromised on any of his standards and values. In fact they have only gotten stronger. This is what makes him and his business stand out. You know how sometimes those little mom and pop restaurants are better than the bigger food chains around? Well this is the case with Best Choice Auto Glass. They may not be the biggest company on the block but they are the best because of their values and excellent service. Mark truly goes above and beyond what he has to do make your Muskogee windshield replacement a happy experience and provide them with the best customer service. They won’t want to use any one else for their windshield needs. Let me explain what all this company provides. The scheduling is great. A lot of the time Mark or his technicians can you schedule you the same day you call. If you call later in the day, you will be set up the next day. That is fast service! A lot of companies may not be able to see you for a few days. Then you will have to drop your car off and be without your vehicle for a day or two. Not with Best Choice Auto Glass. They will come to you and be done within an hour or two. Now once Mark and his technicians arrive at the job. They will place floor mats down on the front driver and passenger carpets so they don’t get dirt or mud on your floors. Like I said the whole job will only take about an hour or two and if they come to your place of work, you don’t have to stop working. They will let you know when they get down. After the job is complete, the floor mats will be removed and the technicians will then vacuum out the front driver and passenger side carpets, clean the windows, clean the door jams and the rear-view mirror. Now that is great service! Who wouldn’t want a mini detail of their vehicle and a new windshield! Mark wants his customer to know he will treat your vehicle like one of his own. And if you know Mark, he is very particular about his vehicles and how clean they are. Not many companies offer this kind of customer service. Their priority is getting their money and seeing as many people as they can that they forget something very essential. Quality. Mark makes sure his customers know the quality of work is far more important than money. Your Muskogee windshield replacement or repair will be fixed right and you won’t be disappointed with the work. Mark has had customers for almost as long as he has been in business. I urge to become one of those customers too! You won’t regret it! If you get a chip in your windshield within 180 days of getting a windshield replaced by them, Best Choice Auto Glass will fix that repair for free! That is a $55 dollar value! They just keep sounding better and better right? There will be no need to worry anymore about your Muskogee windshield replacement. No more pulling out the phone book and spending hours on the phone. Don’t forget, all of the work Best Choice Auto Glass provides has a lifetime warranty. So if something goes wrong, they will be out immediately to fix it with no cost to you! They also have the most competitive prices around. Mark understands most people have a budget and will only quote you the windshield you need. You might find a company that will put a windshield in for really cheap but they probably don’t offer a lifetime warranty. So you might end up paying for two windshields instead of one when it is all said and done. I urge you to pick up the phone and call 918 835 6026 and speak to a representative today and get your free quote!