Muskogee Windshield Replacement

Are you stressing about who to call for your Muskogee windshield replacement? Do you need to get it done right away because you are leaving town in a few days? But you have never had to have your windshield replaced and you just don’t know where to start? That is a normal feeling. Not many people know where to start when it comes to replacing their windshield, door glass or back glass. But what if I told you about a company that once you used them for your Muskogee windshield replacement, you will never again be stressed out or wonder who to call. Because I guarantee you, once you use them once. You will be loyal customers for life. You will not want to call anyone else because you will know that there is no one out there that is better. The name of this company is Best Choice Auto Glass. This company services Tulsa and the surrounding areas as well as Muskogee and the surrounding areas. But they are rated five stars on Google with over a hundred and twenty reviews. If you get on google and look, they are rated one of the highest on Google. And if you are at all skeptical, you should get on Google and read their reviews. You will see countless satisfied and customers happy with their Muskogee windshield replacement.And you will see a theme with all those reviews. They talk about their honesty. They talk about their fast, mobile service. They talk about their dependability. They talk about the quality of work Best Choice Auto Glass does. Which is one of the most important parts to a windshield replacement right? You want it done right the first time. So let me tell just how amazing this glass company is. Mark Burgess, owner and CEO, packed up his family from Anchorage, Alaska and moved to a small town in Oklahoma. Now here is the funny thing. Mark did not know anything about the glass industry. He did not know how to replace windshields, door glasses or back glasses. But he did have a family member who owned his own glass business here in Oklahoma. So you know what he did? He trained under him for some time. He had a family of five to feed and provide for so he needed to start work as soon as possible. He packed up his truck and started out with his equipment, some knowledge and training on what he was doing, but mostly with high standards and determination. He knew the message he wanted his customer to see and get so all he needed was to get out and give it to them. With that goal in mind, he set off. Twenty-seven years later, he continues to give his customers the best service he can. So let us talk about their services. You know when you call a business and you get an automated system for like three minutes before you get a customer service representative? We all know how frustrating that is. Well with Best Choice Auto Glass, you will not have to worry about that. A customer service representative will answer the phone immediately and be able to quote you a price for your Muskogee windshield replacement. No annoying automated systems. And get this! If you call early enough in the day they might be able to get to you the same day! And I should probably mention they are complete mobile! So no hassle of taking your vehicle to shop and having to leave it somewhere! Convenient right? Best Choice Auto Glass is completely mobile! So if you don’t want to take off work for half a day, or have to take your car somewhere during your lunch hour, Best Choice Auto Glass will come to your work! And if you are off work and at home and don’t want to go anywhere they will come to you and fix your Muskogee windshield replacement right in the comfort of your driveway! Who wouldn’t want that convience? So once the technicians arrive for you Muskogee windshield replacement, they will place floor mats down on your front carpets. Now that is customer service! You know how annoying it is when you get your vehicle back from the mechanic shop and your carpets are dirty from the guys boots or shoes. And the steering wheel is dirty as well with black grime. You see Mark is very particular about keeping his vehicles clean. And I mean this includes personal and work vehicles. And that is what Mark wants his customer’s to know. He will treat their vehicles just like his own. So you always know if Mark is working on your vehicle, you will know he will leave it cleaner than when he got there. Which brings me to what else they do after the installation. After the technicians are done with the installation, they will remove the floor mats and vacuum your front carpets. Clean the exterior of the rest of the windows on the vehicle and wipe the front door jambs. So that is all included into your installation! Amazing right? Best Choice Auto Glass doesn’t go above and beyond for recognition or fame. Mark has built his business from high standards and morals and those standards will never be compromised. His goal is to treat his customers and their vehicles like he would want to be treated. And you know how rare that is for a company to do that? Most businesses see dollar signs whereas Mark sees faces and knows no money can buy peace, satisfaction and comfort knowing that whatever was done to your vehicle, it was done the right way. So I urge to pick up the phone, call 918.835.6026 and speak to one of Best Choice Auto Glass representatives and hear in their voice their kindness and passion to serve their customers. You will not be disappointed you gave this company a chance and you will never need to call anyone else.