Best Choice Auto Glass is the best choice for any windshield need you may ever have, but it is definitely the best choice for Tulsa auto glass. Tulsa auto glass is definitely a huge market that you can’t mess around with. There are so many options to go through whenever you need a windshield in Tulsa, sometimes you have to just buckle down and choose one. But today, I’m here to make your job a little easier. I am here to show you why Best Choice Auto Glass is the best choice for you and your family. And it moves beyond that. Tell your friends. Tell your coworkers. Tell your crazy neighbor who lives next door. We want you all to join the Best Choice Family! Sometimes it gets crazy, but that’s why we are trying to build our business even more, so that when it gets crazy we can hire more guys to work as well. This means they can get paid and you can get your windshield fixed. Never ever underestimate the power of a good opponent! That’s what we have learned through this experience of trying to build and grow and expand across Tulsa. Other tulsa auto glass companies such as Robinson Glass or Glass Doctor or Glass by Tony have some good things going for them. They are not super big like Safelite, and they tend to do good work. But today I’m about to show you why Best Choice Auto Glass is always the best choice for you.

Reason # 1: Best Choice Auto Glass is local.

From the outset, this doesn’t sound that impressive. But it really is, if you look at things a little closer. Since we are local, when you call us, we can be your first choice because will show up quick. You don’t have to wait a matter of hours before we show up or even just give you an answer. You can count on us to be there almost as soon as you call. Best Choice Auto Glass is also family owned and run. This means that you won’t be dealing with answering machines! Yay! Everyone knows the joy of talking to a real person when you call a business. It can be just like that when you call best choice auto glass for all your tulsa auto glass needs. Best Choice Auto glass is definitely the people you should call if you are wanting to make sure that you get the job done right the first time. And for that reason, call us. We will come quickly. We would love to talk to you, even if you don’t end up using us. We want to give you a price, or at least tell you what we believe makes us unique and sets us apart from the other tulsa auto glass companies. We are confident though that after hearing all of our reasons to go with Best choice auto glass, you will never look at another tulsa auto glass company again, much less consider one!

Reason # 2: We will not sacrifice quality for quantity.

This is an important, sometimes much more so than a lot of people think. A lot of the bigger tulsa auto glass companies will not worry about quality as well as we do. They don’t have to because they have a lot of people working for them, and they don’t really care if they lose one or two private sector customers because they can afford to and not suffer from it. Not so with us. Even beyond not wanting to lose a customer, we believe that everyone should be treated with respect. Here at best choice auto glass, our customers are family. We will greet you with a handshake and call you by name. We will not rush any jobs. That’s never a good thing, and leads to the job being done badly. If we have to postpone work in order to do a really good job on your vehicle, then we are not afraid to do that, and that’s what will happen. We can promise you that we will never give you second rate work. That is not fair to you, and a waste of time for us. We take pride in our work and stand by it no matter what. If one of our guys messes up on a job for you, we will come back to you and redo the work, absolutely free of charge to you. That’s the way we roll. We will make sure we fix our mistake. Just give us a call and let us know what’s going on. But that hardly ever happens anyway because our guys are trained for a year heavily before sent out on the field by themselves.

Reason # 3: We only hire the best.

Our interview and hiring process is one that would put many others to shame. First, we start off with a group interview. This allows us to save time while still getting to know several men at once. Then, if we find a guy we like, then we will bring him in for a follow up interview to get to know him a lot better on a personal level. If we still like this guy the same, then we can invite him to shadow us on a job. That’s the most effective way to get to know a potential candidate for the job. This job has certain requirements that have to be met. First off, he has to be the kind of man that everyone likes and wants to be around. We won’t have our customers feeling uncomfortable or like they can’t communicate their wishes with our guys. He has to keep a smile on his face all the time so that the customer feels at home with our guys and gets the impression that our guys are happy in their work, because if their not happy in their jobs, we will hire someone else to take their place. Choose Best Choice Auto Glass!