For Tulsa auto glass, always choose best choice auto glass. Best choice auto glass will fulfill all your tulsa auto glass needs in no time. Already have a company who does all your glass work? No problem. Let us show you what we can do, and there won’t be any issue, because there’s no competition between us. Best choice auto Glass is the clear winner in the Tulsa area. There are so many reasons why best choice auto glass is the best choice for Tulsa auto glass, but today I’m going to over only just a few of them for you. Don’t worry, I’ve done my research. I know the differences between us and the other tulsa auto glass companies. And I know for sure that my dad runs the best tulsa auto glass company around. We here at best choice auto glass only hire the best of men for the job, we offer services that no one else does, best choice auto glass is local, and we will not sacrifice quality for quantity.

Reason # 1 to choose BCAG: We only hire the best of men for the job.

Our interview and hiring process here at Best choice auto glass is one that would put many others to shame. We are very careful of the men we hire because we only want the best of guys working for us. We look at several things in them, including their personality, work ethic, and work experience. If a guy is going to come to work for us, he has to want to be there. He has to be the kind of man that other people want to be around. He must be happy about his work. He must keep a smile on his face. This is the only way to ensure that our customers will feel one hundred percent comfortable around him, which is a must to have. He has to make our customers feel like they’re family, because to us, they are; the best choice family. We here at best choice auto glass take pride in our work. We stand by it at all times. Guaranteed. So we definitely need men who will uphold this standard of excellence that our customers have come to appreciate and respect from us. If he has bad work ethic and doesn’t produce the quality of work that we expect from our guys, then we will find another guy to take his place, because we can promise you that we won’t deal with slackers at work. We will uphold all that you have come to love about best choice auto glass. We do not require work experience in the field of tulsa auto glass, but it is definitely a plus. If you don’t have it, don’t worry. It takes a little over a year for us to train you, but when we are done with you, you will be desirable to any tulsa auto glass company or any auto glass company in the nation. You will know the ins and outs of tulsa auto glass better than you know the back of your right hand.

Reason # 2 to choose BCAG: We offer exclusive services.

We offer services that no other tulsa auto glass company offers. For example, we came up with a good way to show our customers how much we appreciate them. We offer what we like to call the best choice detail. What we will do is vacuum your front carpets to remove any shards of glass that may have found their way into your vehicle, and we will clean all your glass. This is a bargain! We do not charge anything for the service. It is our way of showing appreciation to our customers for choosing us. We know full well that none of our customers have to be loyal to us. We have earned that loyalty, and we are are willing to do anything to keep it. We want you to have the best experience possible with us. We want you to like us so much that you go and tell you family about us. We want you to tell your friends. We want you to tell all your coworkers about us. We even want you to make friends with your crazy neighbors next door and tell them about us! We want all of you to join the best choice family.

Reason # 3 to choose BCAG: We are local.

This is a really good thing about us. We are small. We are family owned. We are local. When you call us, you can have your windshield done within the hour. If you called Safelite or some other really big tulsa auto glass company, you would have to wait at least that long to see when they could get it done for you. With Best Choice auto glass, the wait is over. Don’t settle for waiting a long time for an inferior job. Make sure you make the smart choice, the best choice. Best choice auto glass is the company for you. We want you to never feel the need to ever consider another tulsa auto glass company, because we got you covered. Guaranteed.

Reason # 4 to choose BCAG: We won’t sacrifice quality for quantity.

This is a huge thing. We can guarantee that we will never rush a job just to be able to get to more in a day. If we have to postpone other work to do a great job on yours, that’s what we will do, and we’ve had to in the past, and we will do that again. Here’s the call to action: write down our phone number. Save us in your contacts. That way when you need us, you have us, right there at your fingertips. This is a good thing! How many other tulsa auto glass companies are at your beck and call, practically the whole day long? And guess what? We will come to you! If you don’t want to get dressed and leave the house, you don’t have to. We are the fastest mobile service in Tulsa.