Best Choice auto glass is the best choice when it comes to tulsa auto glass. If you don’t believe me now, hopefully you will by the time you are finished reading this article. I will outline for you several reasons why best choice auto glass is the leading mobile provider when it comes to tulsa auto glass. If you don’t agree with me now, I think you will by the time you are finished reading this article. If you agree with me before you are finished reading this article, that’s fine. You shouldn’t have to read any more of my writing than you have to anyways. Honestly, I am not a good enough writer for this job. I just do this to make the business go smoothly. But I am very interested in your conversion toward best choice auto glass, because while I am interested in making the business grow, I am even more interested in making sure that everyone receives the quality of tulsa auto glass work that they deserve and pay for. So many tulsa auto glass companies rip you off and don’t give you all the work that you pay for or they desperately short you on quality, and then they way overcharge you for what they do for you! It’s ridiculous. It is our promise that Best Choice Auto glass will never do that to any of her customers, because we know how frustrating it can when other repair companies do that to us. For this reason, we make sure that we give you a very fair price and we do all the work that you have to pay for. This is really important to us but not so important to all tulsa auto glass companies around the greater tulsa area. For that reason, it would be a really great choice for you to choose us to do work with. That would ensure that you are getting a good price for more work than you will really get from other tulsa auto glass companies. If you go to someone like Glass Doctor or Safelite or Glass by Tony, you really won’t get a good price and fair work to go along with it. Another reason that you should choose best choice auto glass is that we only hire the best guys for the job. And if we only hire the best guys for the job, then it follows that we are the best tulsa auto glass crew in tulsa. We start out with a group interview so that we can get to know several guys at a time. We have high standards for any guys that hire, so they have to be able to shine above their potential colleagues enough to impress us. If no one impresses us, they all go home. If a guy does impress us, we will invite him back for a shadow day so that he can get a feel for the job and we can get to know him on a better, more personal level. We have found this to be the most efficient way to get the job of hiring done. If we planned individual interviews for everyone, that would waste even more of our time, because most of the time when people reserve seats in our interviews, they don’t show up. This alone shows us that they do not at all belong on our team. If you reserve a spot in our interviews, then you better be there and you better be on time. If you are not, then you don’t stand a chance getting into our business working for us. Tulsa auto glass really is a huge market with so so many options to choose from, so we really are thankful that our customers choose us to do business with. Because we really are thankful for the chance to do business with our customers, we have come up with unique ways to show our appreciation by giving our customers something that most other tulsa auto glass companies don’t give their customers, and also something that no other tulsa auto glass company will give out for free, and that is a best choice detail. When you choose to call us for tulsa auto glass and let us replace your windshield, we will detail your car for absolutely free. We will generally leave your car cleaner than when we found it, but when you purchase a windshield, we will clean out your front carpets to remove shards of glass that may have found their way into your car, along with any dirt or small pebbles that may have made their way onto your floor boards. It’s always nice to have someone clean your car for free, and this gives you the opportunity to have just that. We want to make sure that you are one hundred percent satisfied with your customer experience, and we are here to make sure that that happens. That’s one of our promises. In addition to cleaning your floors, we will clean all your glass. We all have little kids in our cars from time to time, and we all know what happens as soon as they get settled into their seats. They pick their little noses and rub their contents onto your windows. Well, we will fix the problem for you and clean all your glass, so at least for a time you don’t have to go around with nose contents on your windows. If I don’t have to clean that stuff off my glass myself, I am definitely going to call someone who will. This is an awesome opportunity to have someone else do it for you, and for free too, while you are getting work done on your vehicle. That’s a deal! If you know that you want the best tulsa auto glass service in town, simply call best choice auto glass for all your tulsa auto glass needs. We can promise you, you won’t be disappointed. Call Mark for a free quote today!