Tulsa Auto Glass

When it comes to Tulsa auto glass, Best Choice Auto Glass is absolutely always the best way to go. We have so many things that other Tulsa auto glass companies do not have. We know that what we have to offer is so much better than anything other companies here in Tulsa will give you. While they jack up their prices, we keep ours low. While they do not give you the best quality work, we won’t leave a job until quality work is guaranteed. While other companies cannot even guarantee all of their week, every bit of our work is guaranteed for the life of the car unless, of course, an accident happens or inclement weather gets in the way. The glass will never break on it’s own. And then when we repair a windshield, the repaired glass will always be stronger than the factory windshield. The first reason you should always choose Best Choice Auto Glass is our exceptional customer service. We promise we will always provide star service for you, better than any other Tulsa auto glass company will. We care about our job. We care about your vehicle as much as you do. We will do everything in our power  to ensure that you get quality service without breaking the bank. We want you to be able to confidently call us every time you need a windshield. We will get to you either that same day or the day after. Here at Best Choice Auto Glass, we are able to boast the fastest mobile Tulsa auto glass service in the state. We want to make sure that you have what you need, when you need it. We want you to keep calling us again and again. We want to be that one company whom you can always rely on to do the best job for you with any car or other vehicle you throw at us. We want to be able to ask you for a review and you honestly be able to give us a good one. We want to do such good work for you that the reviews pile on to five stars on every ad. Our mobile service is a huge benefit to choosing us. We will meet you anywhere you need us to be. As long as there is space for us to work, you get to choose the location. We can work in your front yard. We can come to your work place. We can meet you at your in laws. We can even do a job for you in the middle of a Walmart parking lot. We want to do such a good job that you want to tell everyone you know about us. We want you to tell your family. We want you to tell your friends. We want you to tell your co workers all about Best Choice Auto Glass and your experience with us. We want you to make friends with your crazy neighbors who live next door and tell them about us. We want to serve the whole area of Tulsa and make the entire city be on our list of happy customers. We would like to be able to say that we serve most of Tulsa. And that all of our customers are one hundred percent satisfied with the work we have given them. If you are not entirely satisfied with the work we do, give us a call, and we will come fix the job absolutely free. That’s right, absolutely free to you. No cost. We will do the work right or not at all. We take pride in our work, and in every job we do, it will be the best. Cause if it’s not the best, why do we do it in the first place? It wastes our time and yours. Our interview and hiring process is one that would put many others to shame. We are very careful about which guys we hire and what kind of men they are and what they are about. We can’t hire anyone who won’t uphold our standards and values. Our guys are essentially our ambassadors out on the field. They represent us, because oftentimes, Mark can’t make it to a job. It’s up to our guys to make sure that they think and act like Mark would in the situation. If they can’t do that, then we certainly don’t want them working for us. We cannot risk the good name of our business and the reputation we have built from the ground up. We cannot risk the well being of our families to give a bad employee too much slack. That’s also why merit based pay is such a good idea. If we tell our guys that the better they do, the more we will pay them, it’s a pretty sure thing that they will want to do better than they are right now, especially since they already get paid pretty good. So if we offer to pay them even more, what’s going to happen is that they will see their colleagues work harder, and that will boost the entire team so that all of our guys are doing much better in their work and they decide to do better so that we provide better customer service and better quality work and better service overall.