Tulsa Auto Glass

Are you staring at the list of glass companies and thinking how in the world you are going to choose the company that best fits your budget and your windshield needs? There are so many companies to choose from and maybe you have no idea where to start. Maybe you don’t know what questions to ask or even know what prices are a reasonable price. And you certainly don’t want to get taken advantage of. So who do you call for your Tulsa auto glass windshield replacement or repair?  Well let me tell you about a company that is built on honesty, integrity, values and standards. It was founded in 1991 by a man named Mark Burgess. His company is called Best Choice Auto Glass. In the fall of 1991, Mark packed up his family and moved from Anchorage, Alaska to a small town in Oklahoma. He didn’t know anything about the glass industry. He had a relative though that actually owned his own glass business so he trained under him for a little awhile. He didn’t train with him for very long. Mark had a family to feed and so he got together all the supplies he needed for his truck and started out on his own. He did not have a shop for his customers to come too for their Tulsa auto glass because he thought he could better serve his customers need if he was able to come to them. And to this day he still does not have a shop. He is still completely mobile and will come to you for your Tulsa auto glass. If you are not able to take off of work then Mark and his technicians will come to your place of work and fix your windshield while you work. If you are not able to leave your home because of kids or maybe you just don’t want to leave. Maybe you have too much housework to do. Best Choice Auto Glass will come to your home so that you don’t have to go anywhere. Isn’t that wonderful? Mark understands it is so frustrating to drop your car off and leave it for a half a day maybe even a full day depending on what you need done to it. No one the time in the busy schedule to be without a car that long so he wants his customers know that he will get their Tulsa auto glass fixed within an hour or two and having them driving away in no time! Now let’s talk about their affordable prices. Best Choice Auto Glass is known around the Tulsa, Muskogee and surrounding areas as having the most affordable prices. You see if you call most of the glass companies around, they will quote you a price of a windshield that will fit your vehicle but it doesn’t mean it should. You see what most people don’t know about a windshield is that each one has what they call “specs”. What most glass businesses do nowadays is quote you the “universal” glass. Which is the glass that probably has all the specs that could work for your vehicle but that means you are paying for specs you may not need. And the majority of glass companies do not ask these questions. They are too large and are too busy to deal with little specifics and if they lose a few customers then it is no big deal to them. Not Best Choice Auto Glass. They will ask these questions and find out the correct windshield for your Tulsa auto glass. Mark wants you to pay for the options that you only need. Which is why his company is more affordable. Another great thing about this company is the lifetime warranty. You see you might find a company that will install a windshield for cheaper, but that may also mean you won’t get a warranty. So if something happens to that windshield such as a leak and that windshield has to get replaced again you will be out the cost of the first windshield plus another one. It is a hard enough to have money in the pocket book for one windshield, let alone two. So just be careful that those “cheap” prices may bring you. And I guarantee it will only bring heartache and frustration. Picking the right company the first time is so crucial. That is why I am telling you about Best Choice Auto Glass. They will be the best company for you Tulsa auto glass needs. You will not regret the experience and you will leave happy and satisfied with their service. Here are the services they provide. Once they arrive at your location of your choosing the will place floor mats down on the front driver and passenger carpets so they don’t get your carpets muddy and dirty. Then once the job is complete they will remove the floor mats and vacuum your front driver and passenger carpets, clean the door jams, the windows and the rear-view mirror. Amazing service right? No other company provides these services! And don’t forget if you call earlier enough in the day, Mark and his technicians might be able to schedule you that same day! If not then for sure the next day! Now that is speedy service. No waiting three or four days to get your car in the shop or fixed! Mark wants his customers to understand that he will treat his cars like his own and he is very picky about his vehicles. Mark’s standards and values only increase as the years pass and you will see that in his work if you let him fix your Tulsa auto glass. You will wonder why it took you so long to call them and you won’t need to worry about finding another company if you should need your windshield fixed again. So I urge you to pick up the phone today and call 918 835 6026 and speak to a representative for your free quote today!