Do you have a new car? If so, then you probably appreciate all of the useful options that came with it. Your car might have the lane departure warning system, a humidity sensor, a condensation sensor, a rain sensor, or even the ability to drive itself! While these options are considered incredibly useful (they have saved many lives), these options aren’t cheap, and keeping them up-to-date may be a hassle. And besides, no one can ever predict when the next rock may come up and crack your windshield! Anyway, like I said, these options are super useful, but they can be a hassle. So, let’s set the scene: Let’s say you’re driving down the road from broken Arrow to Tulsa windshield calibration. You are listening to your favorite audiobook, and all is right with the world, till you pull up behind a semi trucks. No worries, you’ll just pass him. Imagine you dismay, then, when, BAM!! With no warning whatsoever, a large rock comes up and hits your windshield smack at your eye level. Well, that’s just inconvenient. And what if you have a $1,000 insurance deductible? Then you’re stuck paying for the repairs for your Tulsa windshield calibration out of pocket, and you’ve heard it could be anywhere between $300-$400,, maybe more, depending on who you choose. Well, you think, it doesn’t really matter anyway—it happens to everyone and it can’t be THAT hard to find the right price in town. After you get back home, you get on the phone and start calling anyway windshield replacement place that pops up on Google. It turns out, finding a good price for this Tulsa windshield calibration is going to be a lot harder than you thought, and there are complications that you have to worry about now, too! Every place you go, you either find an outrageously high or an outrageously low price, and you don’t want to choose either. You know you can’t spend too much money on this deal, and you also know that cheap isn’t always the way to go, especially on vehicle repairs. Well, then you call Best Choice Auto Glass, and you immediately notice the friendliness in the other person’s voice. You continue talking to the lady on the phone and give them your vehicle information and phone number. As the lady looks up the price on her computer, you start to get nervous. Will this be another fluke? Was there anybody in town to do your Tulsa windshield calibration? As the woman asks you questions about what options your vehicle has, you start to get a little confused. Some of these options you didn’t even know about, but she explains them quickly and well enough that you can say yes or no to them. TThen, she mentions something you never saw coming: another $200-$300 dollars worth of repairs because of something called a calibration? You almost hang up, but decide to listen to what this is all about. Turns out, all those fancy options on your car are made possibly by a camera mounted on your windshield. This camera, even though it is smart, isn’t smart enough to re-start in the right way, so to speak. This camera needs to be calibrated correctly sot that it will recognize lines on the road, blind spots, etc. “Oh, great, more money,” you think. But then you stop and think about this company you are on the phone with. It happens to be the first company to mention a calibration, and from the sound of it, a Tulsa windshield calibration is a pretty serious business, and sounds as if maybe you can’t drive your car with a new windshield, without having your camera calibrated first! Now, you realize you are disappointed with all of the other companies you have called that have neglected to mention this very important safety step in replacing a windshield with a camera. After thinking through things for a moment, you set up an appointment with Best Choice Auto Glass. As you talk with the woman on the phone, you write down the list of benefits offered, such as a free chip repair within the first year on that windshield!! You also hear about a free mini detail, which includes vacuuming the front carpets, cleaning the exterior of the rest of the glass on the vehicle, and wiping out the front door jams. What service, you think! You also hear about how Best Choice Auto Glass can calibrate the camera, and how they take all of the necessary steps to ensure the safety of the vehicle after the Tulsa windshield calibration, including only using certain glass in the vehicle, and buying all of the parts and glass from well-known suppliers in the Tulsa area. As you lay in bed that night, you think through everything that had happened that day: First that stupid semi truck had thrown a rock at your windshield and you had to look at that crack all the way back home. But, it turned out okay! Not only did you learn more about vehicle safety than you ever thought you would in a few years, but you also recognized the importance of not just looking for thee cheapest price, but instead looking at all of the pros and cons of a specific price. For example, you learned that Best Choice Auto Glass offered the best deal for the best price: not only do you feel confident in the work they will be doing on your vehicle within 48 hours, but you also feel that with the free chip repair and mini detail, you can’t go wrong with Best Choice Auto Glass! Their number is 918.835.6026, and someone is on standby 8-5 Monday-Friday, unless holidays occur. We can’t wait to help you out! And don’t forget, a Tulsa windshield calibration is vital for the safety of your vehicle if it happens to have certain options, such as the lane departure warning system. Call us today!