Tulsa Windshield Repair

I understand the burden and stress to look over your budget and try to figure out how you are going to come up with the money to fix your Tulsa windshield repair or replacement. It is such a hassle to pull out the phone book and go through the pages of ads and spend hours on the phone calling each one, trying to find the cheapest glass company. That is why I am here. To tell you about a company that is affordable, reliable, dependable, honest and they have the best customer service you will ever find. Your Tulsa windshield repair or replacement will no longer be a stressful thing but rather it might be something you look forward too! The company is called Best Choice Auto Glass. Mark Burgess, founder and CEO, started this business in the fall of 1991. He packed up his family and moved from Anchorage, Alaska and settled in a small town in Oklahoma. He did not know anything about the glass business so he trained under a relative that owned his own glass business. After some time of getting some training, he loaded his truck down with supplies and started his own journey and his own business. Of course he made mistakes along the way. But after twenty-seven years he has learned and built his company like no other. Twenty-seven years is a long time to perfect your mistakes. Wouldn’t you trust a company that has been around for that long rather than a company that has been around for only five years or maybe even ten? So let us talk about what services they offer. Remember when I mentioned that he loaded down his truck with supplies and started his business? Well that means he is completely mobile. That is right. He will come to you do fix your Tulsa windshield repair or replacement. He does not have a shop. If you can’t afford to take off a day from work, they will come to your place of work. And then you can continue to work and the job will be done in an hour or two. Or if you are not able to leave your home for whatever reason, they will come to your home. Mark and his technicians have even met their customers in a parking beside Walmart. Mark wants to make your Tulsa windshield repair or replacement as smooth, convenient and easy as possible. Another wonderful thing about this company is that if you call early enough in the day they will set you up with an appointment that same day. If they cannot see you that day then you will be scheduled the next day. That is quick and speedy service. A lot of companies will have you drop off your vehicle and then you will have to leave it for half the day maybe even the entire day and then you have to get taken back there to pick it up. That can be a major inconvenience. Especially if you already have a busy day planned out. This company is sounding better and better. So let us talk about how affordable they are. What a lot of people don’t know about windshields is that a lot of times there is not just one windshield for your vehicle. Your windshield has what they call “specs”. Maybe your windshield has a rain sensor, maybe it does not. What most glass companies do is ask you what the year, make and model of your car but they don’t ask they questions so they end up quoting you one glass. And it generally is the most expensive at that. You glass may be cheaper without the rain sensor. You can still get a windshield installed with a rain sensor but if you don’t need it why pay for it. Other companies don’t care about this. They will quote you the most expensive glass regardless. Best Choice Auto Glass will not do this. They will ask those questions and quote you the right windshield for your Tulsa windshield repair or replacement. That is honesty and integrity. Most companies count on the customer not knowing about this fact so that is why they do it. Now I want to tell you about the services they provide during your Tulsa windshield repair or replacement job. When they arrive, Mark and his technicians will place floor mats down in the front driver and passenger carpets so they don’t get your carpets dirty and muddy from their shoes. Mark understands the frustration from getting your vehicle back from the mechanic and it all dirty from the mechanics shoes. As you will see, Mark’s standards and values are very high. He will treat your vehicle like one of his own. So you will know if he is working on your car, then you will get it back cleaner then when he started. After the job is complete, the installers will remove the floor mats, vacuum the front driver and passenger carpets, clean the windows, clean the door jams, and the rear-view mirror. That is amazing customer service! You can call every company in the phone book or every company online, but you won’t find a company that provides customer service like Best Choice Auto Glass does. And if you need a chip repaired within 180 days of your Tulsa windshield repair of replacement, Best Choice Auto Glass will come to you and fix it for free! Just for being a customer for them. I would suggest you google Best Choice Auto Glass and read their reviews. You will see every customer is satisfied and left happy. And then once you use them the first time, you will want to be a loyal customer for life. And Best Choice Auto Glass has had customers for almost as long as they have been around! That is because their customers sees Mark’s standards and he doesn’t compromise them for more money or to get ahead. So pick up the phone today for your free quote!