Tulsa Windshield Repair

Let us face it. No one really enjoys spending the money on getting Tulsa windshield repair or replacement fix. Right? And let us also say it is frustration to have to take the time out of our busy schedule to flip through page after page of all great sounding companies. Who do you trust to do a good job? Who is going to give you the best price? Will you have to be without your car for a few days? How will you get to work if you have to leave it somewhere? These are all questions you might be thinking. And they are very legitimate questions. But what if I told there that there is a company that you can trust completely, that care more about the quality of work than anything and can always count on the very first time. Your Tulsa windshield repair and replacement will be something you look back with a smile instead of a frown. So let me tell you about this wonderful business. They are called Best Choice Auto Glass. It is owned by a man named Mark Burgess. He moved with his family from Anchorage, Alaska to a small town in Oklahoma in October of 1991. He did not know anything about the glass business. But he had a family member that owned his one glass business so he trained under him for some time before packing his own truck and heading out starting his own business. He started his company being completely mobile and to this day, twenty-seven years later, he is still mobile. He thought his customer’s would prefer a mobile service then bringing it to a shop. It’s such a hassle to take your car in for an oil change or even maintenance work done because that means you will be without your vehicle. Mark wants to come to you to fix your Tulsa windshield repair or replacement. And most people really appreciate that. It is difficult to be without your vehicle for just a few hours but you won’t have to worry about that if you have it done in your driveway. They are very good at working around your schedule too. And they can typically get to you within twenty-four hours of booking your appointment. That is fast service right? A lot of companies can’t see you for a few days and then you might have to wait at their shop for three or four hours. No one has time for that! Most everyone has a jam packed busy schedule with kids or work and no one has the time or desire to waste it by sitting around like that. Or maybe you are home on your day off and you do not want to go anywhere. Best Choice Auto Glass cares about their customers. Mark built his company with high standards, honesty, integrity and excellent customer service. And he does not compromise those standards or beliefs for more money. He believes in treating customer’s how he would want to be treated. He treats his customers cars like he treat his own. And you will see how evident that is in their work. Your Tulsa windshield repair or replacement will be a memorable experience. So let us talk about what all will happen. When they arrive at your appointment. They will place floor mats down on your front carpets so they won’t get you carpets dirty. Now that is attention to detail! What other company cares about your front carpets? Best Choice Auto Glass pays attention to detail. After the installation is done they will removed the used and dirty floor mats and they do a little mini detail afterwards. Which includes vacuuming the front carpets, cleaning the rest of the windows in the vehicle and wiping the front door jambs. Amazing right? I am completely serious. And that is not all! You will get a free chip repair in the first year of getting your Tulsa windshield repair or replacement done. Sounds unreal? I assure you that is all included into your windshield replacement. No one other company offers these deals. Mark wants his customers to know he will treat their vehicle like he treats his own. And anyone who knows Mark, knows he is a very detailed and organized person. He will leave your vehicle cleaner than when he started. You might be wondering why you haven’t heard of this company until now. The companies that are more known like Robinson Glass and Safelite are comfortable choices because they are well known but I assure you that until you try Best Choice Auto Glass, you will be wondering why you spent so much time anywhere else. But now you know. You will never have to worry about wasting the time to look through the phone book. Or google them and spend hours scrolling through list after list. And something else! All of Best Choice Auto Glass work is no leak lifetime guaranteed! So if you have a leak they will come fix it at no cost to you! Your Tulsa windshield repair and replacement will be an experience you will smile at and think of with happiness. But I understand you may want to do some research first. To find out more about them. If you look them up on google you could read their reviews. Look at photos. I assure you that you will not be disappointed with the reviews. Every customer of Best Choice Auto Glass is happy and satisfied with the quality of work, their honesty and their prompt, fast and mobile service. There is a reason why they have so many reviews! They are the best around and you will not find another glass company that is more dedicated to their customers and giving them the best experience around. You will see that Mark has built his business with honesty, integrity and excellent customer service. He treats his customers like he wants to be treated. I urge to pick up the phone and call them today!