Have you ever had to have your windshield replaced? If so, then you probably know what a hassle it can be to deal with companies that just want to rip you off, or just don’t care at all. No need to search further, though, because Best Choice Auto Glass is the best choice for you Tulsa windshield repair! But let’s say you’ve never had to replace a windshield before, in which case you definitely do not know what I am talking about. Of course, you can probably imagine that it will be a hassle, just like everything else is when it comes to fixing your car. However, some may argue that finding the best Tulsa windshield repair company is even more difficult than finding a mechanic, if only because there are different types of windshields, and some windshields have options such as lane departure warning system and require a camera recalibration!! But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves here…first of all, let’s explain a few things—first of all, depending on your insurance deductible, it is quite likely that you will not want to make a claim on your vehicle insurance, if only because it may raise your rates. Depending on what company you choose to go with, it may be either super cheap, really expensive, or somewhere in-between. For some, the price is the most important part about any repairs on your car, and if it is cheap enough, it doesn’t matter the quality. However, for some people, a really expensive windshield repair, or even a moderately-priced one, is beyond their monetary ability. However, I say that the best use of your money towards a Tulsa windshield repair is the company that will do the job right and not cut corners to cut costs, or charge a ridiculous amount for their work. Finding this dream company, though, can be a challenge, and can require hours of work on the phone and internet. There are several things you can use to pick the right company to do your Tulsa windshield repair, one of which is to check out their website before you give that company a call. This is an easy way to tell an okay company from a great, or even just a good company. If you see certain deals, offers, or even prices, advertised on their website that they don’t mention when you give them a call, it’s a pretty good indication that maybe they are trying to rip you off, or that they don’t care enough to keep their website up-to-date. It seems pretty obvious that if they don’t care enough to keep their website up-to-date, they don’t really care about the customer, and are less likely to alert the customer to appointment time changes, i.e., if the guys are running late (Not SUPER uncommon in the auto glass industry). Another great way to tell if a company is great or just okay is when you actually call the company. For example, if you call the Tulsa windshield repair company and they don’t respond, you probably don’t need to worry about calling them back. I would say the safest bet is to just leave them a message and if they care at all about your business, they will call you back. Sometimes, though, you can give a company a call, they miss it, you leave a message, and never hear from them. That happens too, and is obviously a pretty good indicator to NOT give that company your business. Another way to tell some information about a company is the price of the Tulsa windshield repair itself. For example, if you have a 2012 Honda Accord with no options, just a plain old windshield, and some company charges you $500, you can probably bet that this company is overcharging for that Tulsa windshield repair. Companies do this to try to make you think that they have a superior product, when in fact they just want to make more profit off of your hard-earned money. The same can be said of companies that do the opposite, as well; mainly, undercharging and trying to snag your business with the cheapest price. How to tell when this is the case? It’s simple enough: if you have, say, a Tulsa windshield repair being offered for anything under $130, it’s probably being under-charged. Companies will do this to try to get people’s business that just want the cheapest price. They are able to do this because they cut corners, re-use materials, and don’t use quality materials. But let me not cause you to despair, because there are still companies that just want to do a good job at a fair price for your Tulsa windshield repair. Let me tell you about Best Choice Auto Glass!! This company has been a family owned and operated company for 27 years, and the owner is a native Alaskan named Mark Burgess. We are predominantly mobile, with most of our work being done in Tulsa, Muskogee, and the surrounding areas. We never cut corners, and our first priority is the customer experience. As a company, we try to ensure that our prices our fair and that our work is of the highest quality. In fact, when it comes to windshields and materials, we only use after-market windshields when there is no other option. We try our best to be kind and courteous to all of our customers, and we will always answer any questions you may or may not have. In addition to all of this, we offer a few free “bonuses” with the purchase of the Tulsa windshield repair: first of all, we offer our best choice mini detail, which requires that we vacuum the front carpets, clean the exterior of the rest of the glass on the vehicle, and wipe the front door jams so! You also receive a free chip repair within the first month on that windshield, as well as a no-leak lifetime guarantee. What’s not to love about all of that? Give us a call at 918.835.6026