Tulsa Windshield Replacement

No one looks forward to spending the time researching and spending hours on the phone calling for quotes to replace or repair their damaged windshield. Everyone’s schedule is so busy nowadays that, it’s just hard to make the time to do that. Well what if I told you about a company that you can trust for all your Tulsa windshield replacement or repair needs? A company that is fast, speedy, reliable, dependable, and a price that fits your pocket book? You might think that is too good to be true? Well it is not! I promise if you give this company a chance you will not be disappointed I assure you. You will wonder why you didn’t know about them before! Once you use them you will be a loyal customer for life. The company is called Best Choice Auto Glass. This company was founded in the fall of 1991 by a man named Mark Burgess. That’s right! Best Choice Auto Glass has been in business for over twenty-five years! That is a long time to be in business. They should be outstanding right? Well they are! Let me tell you why. First off Mark did not know anything about the glass industry. Or how install a Tulsa windshield replacement or fix a chip repair. He moved from Anchorage, Alaska and settled in a small town in Oklahoma. He had a relative who own his own glass company so Mark trained under him for a time before he went out on his own. After some training he got all his supplies together and loaded his truck and set out on his own. It was tough for him in the beginning. But with a family of five to feed he was determined to do what he had to, to provide for his family. He did not set up a shop for his customers to come to him but rather did all of his jobs completely mobile free. He thought it would be more convenient for his customers if he was able to meet them wherever they needed him too. And that is exactly how it’s been for over twenty-five years. So if you are not able to take time off of work to go to a shop then Mark or his technicians will come to your place of employment and fix your Tulsa windshield replacement while you work. Sounds great right? Or maybe you have little kids at home and you are not able to leave. Dropping your car off at a shop and waiting is not anyone’s first choice. Best Choice Auto Glass will come to your home and fix your windshield or repair in your driveway. Now that’s convenient! Already sounding great right? Wait, there is more to tell about this amazing business. Let us talk about their prices. They are known around the Tulsa, Muskogee and surrounding areas as having the most affordable prices around. If you have already called around at the other glass companies getting quotes for your Tulsa windshield replacement, you see that Best Choice Auto Glass will beat all those companies. And let me explain why. What most people don’t know is their vehicle has more than one windshield. There could be several in fact. And each of these windshields has what they call “specs” or options. And it is important to know what options or specs your windshield has in order to accurately quote you a windshield. What most large glass companies do in the glass industry will not ask the questions to find out what options your Tulsa windshield replacement has. They will simple quote you a universal windshield that will fit in your vehicle. And it may have all the options that you could get for this particular vehicle. And that is what makes the windshield so expensive. So what if you windshield only has a couple of options? You don’t want to pay for more than you need right? Well at Best Choice Auto Glass, Mark or his customer representatives will ask these questions and find out the correct windshield for your vehicle. That is what makes his prices so affordable. Mark understands that buying one windshield hurts your budget already so he wants to make it as cheap as possible. And all of Best Choice Auto Glass work has a lifetime no leak guarantee. So if something goes wrong they will come back and fix at no cost to you. There are some companies that will have cheaper prices but it more than likely does not come with a warranty. So you might end up getting stuck buying two windshields instead of one because you went with a company that did not offer a warranty. Best Choice Auto Glass also provides a mini detail service after your Tulsa windshield replacement or repair is fixed. They will place floor mats while they work so they don’t get your carpets dirty. Once the job is complete, the will remove the mats and vacuum the front passenger and driver carpets, clean the door jams, the windows and the rear-view mirrors. Awesome right? Mark has very high standards and values and wants his customers to know he will treat their vehicles like his own. And Mark is very picky when it comes to his vehicles. Work and personal. So you will know that if Mark or his technicians are working on your Tulsa windshield replacement they will leave your car cleaner than when they started. And if you need a chip repair fixed within 180 days of getting your windshield replaced by Best Choice Auto Glass, they will fix the repair for free! That is a $55 dollar value. This company knows what honesty and integrity is all about. Once you use them you will be a customer for life! So what are you waiting for? Don’t waste anymore time on the phone calling other places, call 918 835 6026 and speak to a Best Choice representative for your free quote today! You won’t be disappointed!