Tulsa Windshield Replacement

Most of us have a vehicle. And more than likely at some point a rock will hit your windshield and either create a chip or a crack that will slowly turn into a larger crack that will then need to be replaced. I am here to tell you about a company that can handle all your Tulsa windshield replacement needs with excellent customer service and dependable service. The name of the company is Best Choice Auto Glass. Mark Burgess, founder and CEO, started this business in 1991. He moved from Anchorage, Alaska with his family to Haskell, Oklahoma. He trained under a relative who owned his own glass business and then ventured out to start on his own. He built a glass rack for his truck and started working on his own. For twenty-seven years, he dedicated himself to learning everything he could about the glass business and serving his customers with the best care he could give them. That’s a lot of years of learning and making things perfect. Your Tulsa windshield replacement experience through Best Choice Auto Glass will be one you won’t forget. And once you use them, you will be a customer for life. It doesn’t matter if you live in Tulsa, Muskogee or the surrounding areas. Best Choice Auto Glass is completely mobile and will come to you to do the job. If you don’t want to take off work, they will come to your place of work. If you don’t want to leave the comfort of your home, they will come to the place of you home. Mark strives to make you experience with Best Choice Auto Glass as convenient and satisfying as possible. And getting an appointment with them is so easy! If you call early enough in the day a lot of times they can see you that same day! If not then for sure the next day. Wow! That is great service. A lot of companies will have you waiting days before they can fix your Tulsa windshield replacement. Not Best Choice Auto Glass. Mark understands that everyone’s schedules are busy and hectic and no one has time to be without their vehicle for that long. So let me tell you some more details about what Best Choice Auto Glass will provide. Once Mark and his technicians arrive for your Tulsa windshield replacement at the venue of your choose, they will place floor mats on the front driver and passenger side carpets. So they don’t dirty up your carpets with mud or dirt from their shoes. It is very annoying to get your car back from getting it fixed or maintenanced from any body shop and your front carpets are nasty and dirty from the mechanics shoes. Even the steering wheel has a layer of grime from their hands. Rest assured that you never find that to be the case with Best Choice Auto Glass. Mark wants all his customers to know that he will treat their car like his own. Which means going above and beyond what he “has” to do. So those floor mats will stay there the entire time they are fixing your Tulsa windshield replacement. You might be wondering how long the job will take. From start to finish the installers will be finished in one to two hours. Once the job is complete, the floor mats will be removed and as part of your Tulsa windshield replacement package, the front driver and passenger carpets will be vacuumed, the windows cleaned, the rear-view mirror and the door jams will be cleaned as well. That is great customer service. This is what I mean when I say Mark wants his customers to know he will treat their car like his own. Would Mark leave a mess in his own car after replacing his own windshield? No. Neither will he do that to anyone else’s car either. Mark is a man of honesty and integrity and every job he does shows his dedication to serving his customers and upholding to his standards. He trains all his technicians to uphold to the same standards. So you don’t have to worry if Mark is not there that you won’t get the same customer service. Best Choice Auto Glass is also known for their affordable prices. All their work is guaranteed for a lifetime so you don’t have to worry about if something happens to your Tulsa windshield replacement, such as leaking, they will come back immediately and fix it with no charge to you. Now there are certain glass companies that do not have this warranty. If their prices are really cheap then more than likely it does not come with that warranty and then if something happens you will have to buy two windshields instead of one. Mark knows that one windshield in the budget is hard enough. Best Choice Auto Glass will also never quote you a windshield you don’t need just because the price is higher. Mark makes sure you are getting the windshield you need no matter the price. And because of his character he will always quote you the cheaper price if he can. Also another great thing perk about this company is that if you get a chip in your windshield within 180 days of getting your windshield replaced by them you will get that chip repaired for free. Which is a $55 dollar value. I know the task can be daunting to find the best, affordable company, but I truly urge you to google their business. Read the reviews. They will speak for themselves. Once you try them you will never use anyone else. Best Choice Auto Glass has customers that have been loyal to them almost as long as they have been in business! That is a long time. And should also speak for Mark and his dedication to his customers. Please don’t hesitate to call 918 835 6026 and speak to a Best Choice Auto Glass representative to get your free quote and get scheduled for an experience of a lifetime!