Are you in need of a new Tulsa Windshield Replacement in your car? Maybe you had a rock fly up and hit your windshield, or maybe your passenger side door glass got broken out? Maybe it’s just something as simple as needing the regulator in your door glass replaced? Well, no matter what your auto glass needs, there are TONS of places you could go to get your Tulsa Windshield Replacement taken care of, and you might be wondering if it really does matter whether or not you go to this place, or maybe that one? Well, I can tell you for sure that it really DOES MATTER. Why? Well, I mean, what if you went with a company that lies to you? Ooh, you really don’t want to do that, huh? Yeah, neither would I. Well, here’s the bad news: there are so many auto glass and related companies that it can be REALLY hard to find the right company to fit your needs! Well, here’s the good news: you don’t have to go searching, because I am here to tell you about the perfect company for ANY and ALL of your auto glass needs? If you don’t believe me, then great, because we are going to really expand on this! So, let’s say you call Safelite and are on the phone for, like, three minutes before you even get to talk to a representative. Well, now you’re already hacked off, and, let’s be honest: sometimes the Sales Customer Representatives just aren’t very nice. They are probably just having a bad day, or maybe something’s not right at home, but you still want to go somewhere where you feel like you are treated with the respect you deserve! Am I right? Well, don’t worry, because if you call Robinson Glass, Auto Glass Now, ASAP Auto Glass, Safelite, or any OTHER auto glass company, you aren’t going to be very impressed, either by their price, the quality of the phone call, or if you make the dreaded mistake and choose the wrong company, by the quality of their work. So, now you know all those names you have always heard probably aren’t going to give you very good quality work, what do you do now? Well, all of our customers have already made the BEST CHOICE, because they chose to have their auto glass needs taken care of by best choice auto glass, and are by default some of the smartest people when it comes to choosing companies! Because, you know, if you call Best Choice Auto Glass, you are pretty much guaranteed GREAT customer service and a GREAT PRICE! So, I mean, honestly, why would you even bother talking to any other companies? Really, don’t waste your time. Let’s consider Best Choice Auto Glass as opposed to any other glass replacement companies. For one thing, you are always sure to get incredible customer service, from the time we pick up the phone, to the time you pay for your Tulsa Windshield Replacement. We also do chip repairs, and this process is possibly even easier than a replacement process. It is a mere $55 to have your chip repaired, and have complete peace of mind, being set at ease with our guarantee that the chip is stronger after the repair than it was before the repair, and also knowing everything I am about to tell you, and that is that Mark Burgess, founder and CEO of Best Choice Auto Glass, has been doing chip repairs and Tulsa Windshield Replacement on both private and commercial vehicles for over 27 years! That’s a VERY long time, and you can be assured that he knows what he is doing! After being in the industry so long, he has a tremendous amount of knowledge and tons of know-how, so that no matter the problem on your vehicle, Mark will probably know exactly what your should do, and/or how to fix it! There have been SO MANY satisfied customers of the years, you should go onto Google right now and search Best Choice Auto Glass and see what all of our satisfied customers have to say about us! We have over 120 5-star Google reviews, and anyone who knows anything about Google knows that is very hard to achieve, no matter how long you have been in business! Oh, and we haven’t even talked about what we do in addition to all of our Tulsa Windshield Replacements! As part of our incredible customer service, we at Best Choice Auto Glass provide two “extras” into the price of any Tulsa Windshield Replacement. For example, we offer our Best Choice Mini Detail, and as part of that we will clean the exterior of the rest of the glass in the vehicle (yes, I can see out my doorglass again!), we will vacuum your front carpets (yeah, I’ve been meaning to do that. They looked nasty), and last but not least, we will also wipe out the front door jambs! (Whoa, I didn’t even realize those looked that bad!) So, I mean, what is not to love about all of that? Oh, and also our FREE mobile service! Included in the price of every Tulsa Windshield Replacement, chip repair, or ANY auto glass replacement is the option of FREE mobile service. Also, about half of our employees are family of Mark’s! His wife is the bookkeeper, and his two daughters answer the phones. Our business, even though it offers so many incredible, over-the-top customer service and windshield replacement options, is still rather small and hoping to grow! So, I will be blunt: we need your business in order to grow our business! Like I said, Mark has been doing this for over 27 years, and you can be confident in the job that he will do for you! Finally, our phone number is (918) 835-6026. We can guarantee you will be happy with your windshield replacement, or chip repair. Don’t forget about our great customer service, our free mobile service, and the two other extras we automatically include in the price of every windshield replacement!