Tulsa Windshield Replacement | Best Choice Auto Glass

I would like to talk to you about a company called Best Choice Auto Glass. Now you may not need to know about them at the moment but the time will come when you will need to know for your Tulsa Windshield Replacement needs so then you will have it. Best Choice Auto Glass has been in business since 1991. That’s 27 years in business and still going strong! Mark Burgess, the owner, did know much about the glass business. But he moved from Anchorage, Alaska and with a family of 5 to support, he quickly learned the trade. He did not have a shop for his customers to go to, rather he made himself a glass rack for his truck and drove all over Tulsa, taking care of his customers Tulsa windshield replacement needs. And of course being new to the business he made mistakes and things were stressful, but the thing that never changed was his motivation to treat his customers right. Mark is man of standards and values and treats his customers how he would want to be treated. That is evident in his work. And so he work hard, to provide for his family and grow his business. And he eventually did start to grow. He soon needed another pair of hands because a lot of his jobs was for big trucking companies and he began to get more work in a day then he could manage. So after several years of hard work, sweat and blood, his business slowly began to grow. 27 years later, he still does everything mobile and is known in Tulsa and the surrounding areas as one of the most reliable companies to take of your Tulsa windshield replacement. You still might be wondering what sets Best Choice Auto Glass apart from the other countless glass companies in Oklahoma? Well let me tell you! Best Choice Auto Glass has fast, reliable service. You can request a quote and within an hour you will get a call back with the quote you requested. And most of the time we can schedule for a same day windshield installation or repair. If not then within 24 hours of talking with you. No delays. No waiting 3 or 4 days or a week get you Tulsa windshield replacement. And you know what else? We will come to you do it! We can come to your work. We can come to your home. We can even meet you in a parking if you are not able to meet anywhere else. We know getting a windshield replaced or a repair done is hassle enough. Then you add on the stress from taking off work or cutting into your busy day. We want to make this experience as stress free as possible so we will always work around your schedule. And that is not all. Another thing that makes Best Choice Auto Glass stand out is that we leave your car cleaner than we started! Yup! You heard me right! After your Tulsa windshield replacement is complete or your chip repair fixed. We will vacuum out the front floor area and also wash the driver and passenger side windows. As well as your rear view mirror. What other company in Oklahoma has this kind of customer service? That’s right. You won’t find one. You want to know why? Because Mark Burgess has standards and values and he treats his customers how he would want to be treated. And get this! If you need a windshield repair fixed in the first 180 days of your Tulsa windshield replacement, your repair is free! That is right! I said free! Now let us talk about prices. If you were to call 10 other glass companies in the Tulsa and the surrounding areas, you would discover that Mark is one of the cheapest around. Now you may get that one company maybe even two companies that may be a little cheaper than Best Choice Auto Glass. But cheaper is not always better. There are a lot of things you can buy cheaply and be happy with but most people don’t mind spending the extra few dollars to get something good quality. Well your Tulsa windshield replacement should be no different. What most people don’t know to look for or maybe not care when looking into getting their windshield replaced is a lifetime warranty. We all tend to say no to most warranties tied to products we buy when we don’t spend very much but when it comes to your windshield replacement, you should always get that warranty. So if you find a cheaper price be sure and make sure it comes with a lifetime warranty. With Best Choice Auto Glass, all of the Tulsa windshield replacements and chip repairs are guaranteed with a lifetime warranty. If your windshield or chip repair does leak for some reason, Mark will come back and fix it at no cost to you. But don’t worry, Mark cares more about giving his customers good quality service the first time, that you won’t be disappointed. Cases of Mark’s jobs leaking are very rare. So let us review. Best Choice Auto Glass is mobile, we come to wherever it is most convenient for you. It could be your home, your work or maybe even a walmart parking lot. Mark works with YOUR schedule. And we have same day scheduling! And if we can’t get you in that day we will get you in the next day! He is reliable, fast and dependable. You won’t have to worry about the quality of his work like other companies out there. You will know you received the best because he is the best around! And don’t forget we use floor mats during the job so you don’t have to worry about us leaving a mess! So please, I urge, forget about all those other companies you read about with cheap prices because it’s not worth it! Call us today for a free quote!