Do you live in the Tulsa area? If so, you probably do a lot of driving, whether that’s back and forth from work, or even to and from the grocery store. It is highly likely that most of that driving is done on the highway, and anyone who drives on the highway knows that it can be extremely dangerous, not onl because of other drives, but damage can also be caused to your vehicle from rocks. Perhaps you have had this very thing happen to you: you are cruising down the road on the way to work that morning, without a care in the world, and without warning a large rock flies up from the tire of a large semi driving in front of you. At first, you freak out and frantically look at your windshield, dreading to see a large crack spread across your Tulsa windshield replacement, but you sigh with relief after a careful examination of your windshield. Turns out, the rock didn’t quite crack the windshield, only create a small-ish chip in your windshield. Immediately, you ask Siri to call a Tulsa windshield replacement company. The first company you get on the phone is SafeLite, and half of you sighs. While you have, of course, heard of SafeLite, you have gotten mixed reactions from people that you know that have used SafeLite. While you appreciate that SafeLite talks straight to your insurance company for you, you have heard that their prices are so outrageous it doesn’t even make it worth it, and sure enough, after being on the phone for way too long you find out that they would charge way too much for a chip repair, since it isn’t covered by your insurance. Frustrated, you get off the phone and decide to try again on your lunch break at work. Unfortunately for you, the weather is absolutely blazing hot (typical Oklahoma weather!!). At your lunch break, you look on google for other Tulsa windshield replacement companies. You are disappointed to see so many 1 & 2-star companies showing up, but your face brightens when you see a 5-star company, and with over 150 reviews, most of them being 5-star. And so it is with high expectations that you get on the phone with Best Choice Auto Glass. The first voice you hear is a female who introduces herself as China. After you give her the year, make and model of your vehicle, as well as your phone number and first and last name, you are pleasantly surprised by the price of the chip repair—a mere $60!! You know you could probably find a cheaper price, but you are so happy with the quality of the service so far that you decide not to look at any farther. After checking your schedule, you decide to make an appointment for the next day, and you are overjoyed to hear that Best Choice Auto Glass will come to your work and fix it while you are at work!! However, when you leave work that day at 4:30, you are horrified to find that the heat caused the chip in your windshield to spread about a foot across your Tulsa windshield replacement!! Frantic, you quickly call Best Choice Auto Glass and explain what happened to China. Calmly, China explains that this is not unusual, and quickly looks up the price on a full Tulsa windshield replacement. Again, you are pleasantly surprised by the reasonable price, and you keep your appointment for the next day. While you continue to talk to China, China explains that with the purchase off your Tulsa windshield replacement, you will automatically receive a free Best Choice Mini Detail, which includes vacuuming the front carpets, cleaning the exterior of the rest of the windows on the vehicles, and wiping out the front door jambs on the passenger and driver side, and you sigh with relief. You had been meaning to take your car in to get it detailed, but it appeared that you could now put it off for just a little while longer. When you get to work the next day, you eagerly wait for the crew from Best Choice Auto Glass to arrive. The schedule time was 2:00 in the afternoon, and at 1:45 you receive a call from the owner, Mark Burgess. You learn from Mark that they are a bit behind schedule, and will not arrive until 2:30. Since you don’t get off work until 4:30, you are completely fine with this and express your gratitude for his priorities—enough concern to give you a call and make sure you are aware of the change of plans. At 2:25, you receive another call, this time to let you know that the crew has arrived and would you please come down and unlock your car door? You hurry down and unlock the door, and come back down in ½ hour to pay the crew. You are able to easily swipe your debit card, and look with pleasure on the finished product of your Tulsa windshield replacement. Later that night, you think back on the whole ordeal—thee stress of finding the right company, and the joy in finding a company that you felt that you could trust and not get sttabbbed in the back with. You remember how good it felt to be driving home in a cleaner car, and not see a bunch of dirt on the outside of your window. You recall how much you felt peace of mind after the owner had given you a card that guaranteed a free chip repair on the windshield within the first year, and you appreciate how good of service Best Choice Auto Glass had given you. That night, you leave a 5-star review for Best Choice Auto Glass, detailing the outstanding service and understanding you had received from them!! The next day, your coworker asks for a Tulsa windshield replacement company, and you give them Best Choice Auto Glass phone number, which is 918.835.6026.