Windshield Camera Calibration Tulsa

Owning a car is a super cool thing. The gadgets and options and all the features that are on new cars these days is really cool and fun. Especially the bluetooth features. Or all the digital screens and cameras. DVD players and so much more. However all that comes with a price. You may the Lane Departure Warning System or the Forward Collision Alert which are really cool to have but comes with a price. You see once your windshield has a large crack and needs to be replaced. Your windshield camera calibration tulsa will need to be re-calibrated. And I understand if you do not have a clue what that means. I am here today to tell you about it and to tell you about a company that does the quality of work you want when replacing your windshield but will also re-calibrate your windshield camera calibration tulsa. Let me start by saying when the manufacturers build their with the Lane Departure Warning System and the Forward Collision Alert to keep the occupants safe but again, they are not without the maintenance. But I will be very firm when I say that if you get your windshield replaced that has the any those assisted safety systems, then you HAVE to get your windshield camera calibration tulsa re-calibrated. It is so important to do this after your windshield is replaced. If you were to need it, there is a high probability that the camera would not be accurate therefore the occupants in the vehicle are at a higher risk for accidents because the camera is not properly calibrated like it should. Now that brings me to talk about the companies that do this windshield camera calibration tulsa. Since this calibration stuff is very new there are only a few companies that actually do these calibrations. But there is only one glass company you need to know about that does this. The name of the business is Best Choice Auto Glass. There is only one other company in the Tulsa area that is doing these windshield camera calibration tulsa. And they are NOT a good company. You can look them up on google and compare reviews if you like. You will see that their customers reviews and see that they quality of work is not good. Best Choice Auto Glass knows how to do things the right way, the first time. Mark, founder and CEO, built his company from honesty, integrity and high standards. And after twenty-seven years he has not compromised or wavered from those standards. And if you read their reviews on google you will see that is true. Every customer is happy and satisfied with the quality of work Best Choice Auto Glass gives them. You are probably wanting to know what kind of services they provide. If you call them early enough in the day, they might see you the same day. If not they will for sure see you within twenty-four to forty-eight hours! That is fast right? And you never have to worry about them not showing up for your appointment. They will always communicate with you if they need to change or move your scheduled appointment. Once they arrive for your windshield camera calibration tulsa, they will place floor mats on the front carpets. Who do you know will go that extra mile and make sure they don’t get dirt or mud on your carpets? The answer is no one. No one will go above and beyond like Best Choice Auto Glass will. The whole windshield replacement will only take about an hour. But it does have to sit for an half an hour so the urethane can cure to the windshield and the vehicle. So after they are finished with the installation, the technicians will remove the floor mats and how is wonderful part! They will vacuum your front carpets, clean the exterior of the rest of the windows on the vehicle and wipe the front door jambs. Amazing right? That is amazing customer service right? And that is not all! You will get a free chip repair in the first year of the replacement. Which is a $55 dollar value. So if you get those pesky chips that you can cover with a dime, nickel or quarter, call Best Choice Auto Glass and they will come and fix it for free. All of Best Choice Auto Glass’s work has a no-leak lifetime guarantee. So if something goes wrong or leaks, they will come and fix it for free! So let us talk about the calibration process. It might be confusing but there are actually two different calibrations. A static and dynamic calibrations. So depending on the vehicle you have will determine which dynamic calibration you need. A dynamic calibration is done with domestic cars. The static calibration is done with foreign cars. The calibration process takes about 2 hours. And the technician who will do the calibration who need to set up his equipment and then they will need to drive it for about fifteen minutes to make sure the camera is calibrated. I understand that it is hard to take my word for it so I urge you to do some research and call other glass companies and ask what services they provide. Best Choice Auto Glass has the most affordable prices in Oklahoma. You see most companies will quote you the most expensive windshield with every options, even if you don’t need the options. But Best Choice Auto Glass will not do that. They will ask the appropriate questions and find out exactly what you need. So you do not pay those ridiculous prices. And that is what Mark is about. He is about customer service and treating his customers how he would want to be treated. Once you use them, you will never need to look for another company again. You will be so happy and satisfied that you choose Best Choice Auto Glass. Give them a call today for your free quote!