Windshield Repair Muskogee

Do you live in Tulsa, Muskogee or the surrounding areas? Did you recently get a rock chip that has spread to a very a long crack almost the entire length of your windshield repair Muskogee? You are probably are frustrated because you don’t know who to call. Your schedule is busy and packed and you do not really have the time to sit down and flip through page and page of glass companies and figure out which to pick. And before that you have to call each one, see who has the best price, the best deals and that takes more time than you want to spend on it. You know you will have to choose someone that will fit in to your budget. You have no idea what you can afford. And honestly you don’t really have the time to make call after call. What you need is a glass company that you can trust, depend on and one that will give you good quality work and fix your windshield repair Muskogee. Well I am here to tell you about a glass company that you can depend on. That you can trust. That won’t break your bank. That you can be certain that you will get the best service around and that you won’t need to turn to anyone else. The name of this company is Best Choice Auto Glass. It is owned and founded by Mark Burgess. And get this! He has owned his business for twenty-seven years. That is right! In the fall of 1991 he packed up his family and traveled thousands of miles to settle in a small, little town in Oklahoma. Mark did not know anything about replacing glass. He had a relative that owned his own business here in Oklahoma that he trained under. After training for a while he and learning enough to get him through, he packed up his own truck and set out on his own. You heard right, he packed up his truck. So he started his company completely mobile and to this day his business is still completely mobile. A part of his idea in serving his customers was the ability to make it as convenient as he could for them and what better way then to come to them for their windshield repair Muskogee? There is nothing more convenient than having your windshield repair Muskogee done in the comfort of your driveway or the parking lot of your work. Maybe you don’t want to take off work and take the time to take your car up somewhere and wait for hours. Or maybe you don’t want to waste your day off to sit up at a shop somewhere for half a day. Mark has wanted, from day one, to provide his customers with the best possible. He knows the value of good service. His standards and values has been high since the beginning and he has never wavered or compromised those standards. He trains all his technicians and his employees to have the same standards and work ethics. He wants his customer’s to know that their windshield repair Muskogee will be in good hands with his technicians. Ok so now that you know how great their customer service is. Let me tell you about their services one they arrive at the job. The technicians will place floor mats on the front carpets during the installation process. Awesome right? It’s frustrating to get your car back from the mechanic and your front carpets be dirty from the mechanics boots, or the steering wheel be grungy from their hands. You won’t have to worry about that with Best Choice Auto Glass. Anyone that knows Mark, knows he is very detailed oriented and likes to keep his vehicles clean. His work and personal vehicles. So if Mark or his technicians are doing a job for you, you will know your vehicle will be taken care of. But that’s not all! Once the job is complete, they will remove the floor mats and vacuum the front carpets, clean the exterior of the rest of the windows in the vehicle and wipe the front door jambs. What other company will give you a mini detail service after installing your windshield repair Muskogee? The answer is simple. No other company provides this kind of service. Mark is so big on customer service. The other service you will receive for using Best Choice Auto Glass to replace your windshield is a free chip repair for the first year of getting it replaced. Which is a $55 dollar value. So if you get a pesky rock chip within that year and don’t know who to call. Call Best Choice Auto Glass! Tell them that you had your windshield replaced by them and that you have a rock chip that needs fixed. They will honor the free chip repair and come to you to fix it. Best Choice Auto Glass is an honest company as well. You see most companies will quote you the most expensive glass. Because most people don’t know anything about windshields and what options different vehicles have. They won’t ask you those questions. Mark and his customer service representatives will ask those questions. Mark understands the importance of keeping to a budget. So he will make sure you get only the windshield you need for you vehicle. I urge you to get on google and look up their reviews. The main thing people talk about is their honesty, dependability and excellent customer service. And there is a reason why! Because they are just that! All of the customer’s that they have served over the years is their customer for life because they are know that there is no better glass company in Tulsa, Muskogee and the surrounding areas. So I urge to pick up phone, don’t spend anymore hours flipping through that phone book. Call them and get your windshield replacement scheduled today so you can be worry and stress free! You won’t be disappointed!