Windshield repair tulsa

We all have had the same problem at some point when you own a vehicle. And I am talking about getting a rock chip or crack in the windshield. Or maybe someone broke into your vehicle. Nevertheless, if you own a vehicle, you probably have had to have some sort of glass in your vehicle replaced. If not, it will happen at some point. So you might as well as be prepared. I will tell you how to be prepared. Knowing the right company for your auto glass needs is very important in being prepared. Let us face it, there are handfuls and handfuls of auto glass companies that can do the job. They all may know how to cut a windshield out, put a new one in. Or replace a door glass or back glass. But very few do the quality of work that you want or give you the customer service you want and expect. Most businesses these days, it is hard to actually talk to a live person. It is mostly automated or maybe you have to wait three or four minutes before getting a real person. Whatever the case may be, your windshield repair tulsa is and should be a priority to ANY glass company that does it. And I can tell you about a glass business, that I know from experience. They replaced my windshield repair tulsa and did an amazing job. So everything I am about to tell you, I know for a fact is true. And I can attest to their honest, integrity, fast and mobile service too. The name of the glass business is Best Choice Auto Glass. Mark Burgess, the founder and owner, is a man of morals and standards. He knows what it is like to live on a budget, to start from the ground up and build something to be proud of. To work for and worth having. Mark and his family packed up and moved from the big town of Anchorage to a small town in Oklahoma. He didn’t know anything about the glass business. He didn’t know anything about cutting the glass out, what urethane to use, how to clean the windshield. Or how to take a window out, or a back glass. Or even what a regulator is. In the fall of 1991, Mark reached out to a relative that owned his own glass business here in Oklahoma. He trained under him for a while before packing up his own truck with tools and everything he needed. With determination, he drove around. He introduced himself and he eventually got customers. Twenty-eight years later, he has built himself a lot loyal customers. Every single person that uses Best Choice Auto Glass is a loyal customer for life. They understand what quality work looks like and know no other company could do as good of work on their windshield repair tulsa than Best Choice Auto Glass. It is super easy to schedule with them too. Once you call them for a quote, they will schedule you within twenty-four to forty-eight hours. Fast right? Most places that you call will not get you in for three or four days. Sometimes a week. Not with Best Choice Auto Glass. And you know something else? They are mobile! So if you don’t want to take off half a day of work or even a full day, depending on how long it takes when you actually get to your appointment. Or maybe you work from home and can’t leave your house. Or maybe you work from home and have kids and it is not convenient to leave with young kids. That is perfectly understandable. There are so many shops these days that you have to take your car in and less that are actually mobile. But let me finish telling you about all the services Best Choice Auto Glass will give you and your windshield repair tulsa. Once the technicians arrive for your windshield repair tulsa, they will place seat covers over your two front seats and floor mats so they don’t get your car any dirtier. Great customer service right? You will not find another glass company that will go above and beyond. Your windshield repair tulsa will take about an hour to do. The technicians have to cut out the windshield, clean the body, cut out the rest of the urethane out, clean and prime the new windshield. But then your vehicle will need to sit for thirty minutes to let the urethane cure to the windshield and the windshield of the body. But here comes the best part. After the technicians have installed your new windshield, they will remove the seat covers, and the floor mats that they put down. They will vacuum the front carpets, clean the exterior of the rest of the windows on your vehicle and wipe the front door jambs. I bet you weren’t expecting that, right? You will not find another company that will provide a service like this. And want to know something else? You will also get a free chip repair in the first year, which is a $55 dollar value. Sound too good to be true? Well it is not. I assure. So stop wasting time calling countless companies when Best Choice Auto Glass will give you everything you need and will satisfy your auto glass needs. But I understand that you may not want to take my word for it. And if you need to call other places to just to make sure, then go right ahead. Make sure they come with a no leak warranty because you certainly don’t want to have to be out two windshields instead of just one. Mark has taken the time to really research and work and know how to replace a windshield and the products that is needed to do a good job. So close that phone book, pick up your phone and dial 918.835.6026 and talk to them today to schedule!