Windshield Repair Tulsa

What are some of the things you would want if you had to get your windshield repair tulsa or replacement done on your vehicle? Go ahead. Name a few things. Maybe quality? Mobile? Make an appointment and see you within twenty-four hours? Honesty? Integrity? Amazing customer service? Want your windshield repair tulsa to be an enjoyable experience? One that you can look back and not get frustrated because you know if something happens like that again and you need to call someone to replace your windshield, or a door glass or a back glass or maybe even the regulator in your windows. You will know who to call. And you will never call anyone else. Well you are in luck, I know about a company that is right here in Tulsa. They service Tulsa and the surrounding areas as well as even Muskogee and the surrounding areas too. They do have a shop in Broken Arrow but 99% of their work is mobile. That is right! But I know I should probably stop bambling and tell you the name of this glass business right? Ok, their name is Best Choice Auto Glass. Let me tell you a bit about them and everything you will get when you book an appointment. First, let me give you some background information. Mark Burgess, owner and CEO, is an Alaska native. That’s right. Mark was born in Alaska. He did not know anything about the glass business and had a completely different job in Alaska. But he saw an opportunity to move from Alaska to Oklahoma and he took it. So he packed up his family and moved from Anchorage to a small town in Oklahoma. He didn’t know anything about replacing glass. Not a thing. But he did have a relative that lived in Oklahoma a few hours away and so he went and trained with him. Everyone has to start somewhere right? We all have to start at ground zero when starting a career. He didn’t train for very long because he knew that he had a family to feed and so he trained for a few weeks. Packed up his truck with the necessary equipment and headed out on his own. Did he get a lot of customers at first? No. Did he get a lot of business at first? No. But with determination not to fail and because he had a family to feed, he set out and did not give up. With only his two hands, he showed and proved that he was a man to be reckoned with. That he was a man of morals. A man with standards. A man with work ethics. A man of honesty. And slowly, year after year, he gained the respect from all his customers. Not only does Best Choice Auto Glass replace windshields, door glasses, back glasses, the quarter and vent glasses, but also semi truck windshields. And that is where most of his work started with. The commercial accounts. And twenty-eight years later, he still has those accounts. Why? Because Mark proved to them, that he is THE BEST. And yes, I said twenty-eight years later. He and his business to this day is known as one of the best glass companies in Oklahoma. So who else better qualified to replace your windshield repair tulsa? Mark also knows what is safe and isn’t when it comes to the products and tools that are being used to replace your windshield repair tulsa or replacement. He keeps up with the modern technology and materials needed to get you on the road quickly but safely. And that is a promise. When you call Best Choice Auto Glass for your free quote, you will talk to a very kind customer service representative. Notice I said you will TALK. That is right. I stress the importance of that because a lot of businesses, glass and non-glass, uses these automated systems. Who has time to deal with those? When I am looking for a price on something and calling the specific place of business, I do not want to get a stupid recording. I want to talk to a live person. So I can get any questions that I might have answered. Best Choice Auto Glass is very through with finding out what is needed to fix your windshield repair tulsa. They will ask you what options your vehicle might have. You see, with these new and modern cars coming out every day, they are getting more complicated each and every time. There are some many options and depending on what options you have will determine what windshield you will need for your windshield repair tulsa. And most companies will just quote you one windshield. The most expensive and whos to know any better but that business? Basically there are a lot of dishonest people out there, waiting to take advantage of you but not Best Choice Auto Glass. And you wonder what makes them so different. Well it is easy to explain like I did but you won’t really know until you experience it for yourself. Mark understand the need for budget, so he makes his replacements affordable. He also understands safety. He uses only the best and safest materials and products to get you and your family back on the road quickly, efficiently and most of all, safely. Mark has always said, he will leave your car cleaner than when they started. And it is true! They perform a mini detail after your replacement is done. So they will vacuum the front carpets, clean the exterior of the rest of the windows on your vehicle and wipe the front door jambs. And you will also get a free chip repair! So stop wasting time scrolling through google or flipping through the pages of the phone book. Pick up your phone and call Best Choice Auto Glass and speak to one of the customer representatives today for your free quote and don’t forget to book your appointment!