Windshield Repair Tulsa

Out of all the things that are annoying, having to get your windshield replaced is probably up at the top on that list. No one wants to spend the money it takes or spend the time it takes to look for a company that you can trust. A company that does good, quality work. A company that you can depend on. Sure you hear about various glass companies from a friend or maybe you heard an advertisement on the radio. Or even seen a commercial on the TV. But you want to know for sure that the work will be done the first time right? You want to know that you won’t be left with more problems than you started. Well I am here to tell you about a company you can depend on 100%. Once you try them for your first windshield repair Tulsa for your chip repair or replacement, you will never use anyone else. You will know for sure that this company is the best. What is the name of this company you may wonder? Well they are called Best Choice Auto Glass. This glass business is owned and run by a man named Mark Burgess. And this may surprise you but he has owned this company since the fall of 1991. You may wonder why you haven’t heard of the his company before. Well they may not be national known like Safelite or Robinson Glass. But that does not mean they are not well known among their community. Mark Burgess packed up his family from the beautiful state of Alaska and headed to Oklahoma. They traveled more than 3,000 miles before settling in a small town in Oklahoma. And you know what is really amazing? Mark did not know anything about the glass business! That is right! He had a relative that owned his own glass company though so Mark went and trained under him for awhile before loading down his truck and going out on his own. If you know Mark, you know he is a determined man and he didn’t waste any time getting his business up and running. He had a family to feed. He did not have time to waste. No one knew of his windshield repair Tulsa business but that did not stop him. He decided he could better serve his customer’s if he was completely mobile. Instead of having a shop. And to this day, twenty-seven years later, he is still completely mobile. And you know the most commonly asked question that the Best Choice Auto Glass representatives get? “Are you mobile? Can you come to my work or home?” Most people appreciate that option. So if you can’t take any time off of work, Best Choice Auto Glass, will come to your work and replace your windshield repair Tulsa windshield while you are working! All replacements have to sit for an hour so by the time you get off work, you will be able to drive it home with a brand new windshield! Or maybe you do not want to leave your house. Your kids are sick or you simple just do not want to go anywhere! Well Best Choice Auto Glass is come to the comfort of your driveway. Have your windshield repair Tulsa done in no time! That is just convenient right? Mark wants his customer’s experience to a enjoyable one. One that they look back with a smile and want to tell other people. So let me tell you about the experience from beginning to end. And if you call early enough in the day, they sometimes have same day service! That is quick right? If not they will for sure get you in the next day. Some companies may not get in you for three or four days. Sometimes even a week. Who has time for that? A lot of people need their windshield repair Tulsa replacement done within a couple of days. Especially if they are leaving out of town on vacation or something. So no having to go to a shop and wait for a couple of hours. Or no having to drop your vehicle off. Once you have booked your appointment, Best Choice Auto Glass will keep in constant contact with you if they will be late of if they need to move your appointment. They will never just not show up. Mark understands the importance of communication. So once they arrive, the technicians will place floor mats down on the front carpets so they don’t get your carpets dirty. Isn’t it nice for a company to pay attention to detail? If you also know Mark you know he is a very detailed man and will treat your vehicle like one of his own. And Mark is extremely particular about his work and personal vehicles. You will never have to worry that your windshield repair Tulsa replacement will be done wrong. Mark has built his business with very high standards and work ethics. And he makes sure his technicians are trained in this as well. They will not compromise integrity and skip steps just to get done faster. I assure they work is going to be the best quality around. I urge you to get on Google. Look up Best Choice Auto Glass. Read their reviews. You will see so many happy and satisfied customers. So after they remove the floor mats they will vacuum the front carpets, clean the exterior of the rest of the windows in your vehicle and wipe the front door jambs. Amazing right? And that is not all! You will get a free chip repair in the first year of getting your windshield replaced. That is a $55 dollar value! So stop wasting time flipping through the phone book or scrolling through the companies on Google. There is only one company that will be able to trust and that is Best Choice Auto Glass. Please don’t wait any longer. Pick up the phone today for your free quote!