Windshield Replacement Muskogee

Are you tired of flipping through the phone book and have already spent hours on the phone calling different glass companies getting quotes for your windshield replacement Muskogee? Have you already searched google and read reviews about different businesses but still don’t know who to use? Let me tell you about a company that has been around for twenty-seven years. You heard me right. If you have not heard of them that is ok. Let me explain. Mark Burgess, founder and CEO, packed up his family from Anchorage, Alaska and moved to a small town in Oklahoma. He didn’t know a single thing about the glass business but trained under a relative that had his own glass business. After some time of training, Mark loaded down his truck and started his own business. He named his business Mark’s Windshield Repair. He did not have a shop, but rather thought he would better serve his customers out of the bed of his truck. So that is what he did. And now twenty-seven years later he is still serving his customers out of the bed of his truck. He is still completely mobile and does not have a shop. However, the company name is not Mark’s Windshield Repair anymore. It has been changed to Best Choice Auto Glass. Now you may still have not heard of them and that may be because they recently changed their name. But you may still be wondering why you haven’t heard of them before if they are such a great company. There are so many glass companies out there that is too many to keep track of. That is why I am telling you about Best Choice Auto Glass. This company is known for their honesty, integrity, dependability, reliability, affordable prices and excellent customer service. I ask that you give me a few minutes of your time and listen to all the services Best Choice Auto Glass provides. No that has ever used this company for their windshield replacement Muskogee has ever been disappointed! So you already know they are completely mobile. They will come to you to fix your windshield replacement muskogee. If you are not able to take off work, they will come to your place of work. If you have too much going on at home and don’t want to leave your house, they will come to your house. Mark or his technicians will even meet you in a parking lot if you are so busy and you aren’t at work or home but out running errands. Mark wants his customers to know that he wants their windshield replacement muskogee to be as smooth and convenient for them as possible. Now that is excellent customer service right? Another wonderful thing about this company is that if you call early enough in the day you will be seen that day! If not you will get scheduled for sure the next day. That’s fast service. Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to worry about dropping your vehicle off somewhere and sit in the waiting room for half a day and wait? Not with Best Choice Auto Glass! From start the finish the whole job will take an hour or two. Next thing is their affordable prices. You see what most people don’t know is that your vehicle might have more than one windshield. And each windshield has what is called “specs”. When you call a company in the phone book they will generally quote you one windshield and one price. They do not try to figure out what specs your windshield replacement muskogee has. They will simply quote you the universal windshield. Best Choice Auto Glass will ask these questions and figure out exactly what your vehicle needs. Mark or a Best Choice Auto Glass representative will only price you windshield you need and generally that is the cheapest one. Now you might find “too good to be true” prices out there. Be careful with those. Generally that means they do not come with a lifetime warranty. So if your windshield leaks and you have to replace that one then you will be out two windshields instead of one. And then you will end up paying more for the second one because you won’t go with the same company again. Best Choice Auto Glass guarantees a lifetime warranty on all their work. So is something goes wrong they will come and fix it with no cost to you! So let me know tell you about the services they provide during the job. Once they arrive at your windshield replacement muskogee, they will place floor mats on your front driver and passenger carpets. Once the job is complete, the technicians will remove these floor mats and vacuum the front driver and passenger carpets, clean the windows, the rear-view mirror and the door jams. Excellent customers right? Who wouldn’t want a mini detail done after getting their windshield replacement muskogee. Mark wants his customers to know that their vehicle is in good hands will leave it cleaner then when they started. Mark’s values and standards of customer service has only increased as the years has gone by. He doesn’t compromise that for more money or to get ahead. He will treat your vehicles like one of his own. And he is very picky about his cars and how clean he keeps them so you will always know if he is working on your car, he will leave it cleaner then when he started! And you if you need a chip repair done within 180 days of getting your windshield fixed by Best Choice Auto Glass, that chip repair is free. That is a $55 dollar value! They just keep sounding better and better don’t they? I urge you to get on google, look them up, read their reviews. They have a lot of loyal customers because Best Choice is the best! Don’t waste anymore time looking through the phone book or making calls. Call Best Choice Auto Glass today!