Windshield Replacement Muskogee

Maybe today is the day you picked to get out the phone book and call twenty different glass companies because of the large chip or long crack in your windshield. Maybe you have been putting it off because you know it is going to cost you a pretty penny to get it fixed. And you know you are going to have to make the time to get it done on top of your already jam packed schedule. Your windshield replacement muskogee is not a priority to you. Well let me tell you about a company that will make your windshield replacement muskogee a priority. The company is called Best Choice Auto Glass. This company has been around since 1991. That is twenty-seven years of building and cultivating the quality of work Mark Burgess, founder and CEO, he provides his customers. That amount of time in business alone who make me want to check them out. I might trust a company has been around that long rather than a company that has been around for only five years, maybe even ten years. You might ask why you haven’t heard of them. Well they do not have a large storefront or shop. Best Choice Auto Glass is completely mobile. Mark and his installers come to you to fix your windshield replacement muskogee. So if you don’t have the time to take off of work, they will come to your place of employment, let you know they are they, and have your windshield fix within an hour or two. If you have way too much to do at home and you don’t want to make a trip into town or drive to a shop and sit in there waiting area for half the day or even have to drop your car off and somehow get a ride home and then have to go pick it up when it is done, they will come to your house so you don’t have to get out! That is just one perk to this business. Another perk is that the offer same day scheduling if you call early enough in the morning. And even if they can’t get in that day, you will get set up the next day. And again, no hassle of driving to a shop, they will come to you to fix your windshield replacement muskogee. Best Choice Auto Glass is known for their speedy service, honesty, integrity, reliability and excellent customer service. They are also known for their affordable prices. Let me explain. There are a lot of big glass businesses out there that will quote you one price and one windshield. What you may not know and what a lot of people may not know is there are sometimes two or three or four windshields for you vehicle. These different windshields have different specs, as they are called. For an example: a rain sensor. So in order to quote the right glass for your vehicle, the glass professionals should be asking those questions. The bigger glass companies might ask for the make and model of your vehicle but they won’t ask you what specs your windshield might have. So they will quote you one and generally the most expensive one at that. Best Choice Auto Glass will not do that. Mark and his team of installers will ask these questions. And then quote you the correct windshield for you windshield replacement muskogee. And do not worry, if you don’t know all the specs on your windshield, Mark sometimes will bring two different windshields with different specs and he will only put in the one you need and generally that is the cheapest glass. That is why he is known for his affordable prices. He knows and understands how expensive a windshield can be and he wants to save you as much as possible for your budget. That is honesty and integrity right there! And that is not all! You know when you take your car in for an oil change or maintenance how dirty your carpets are afterward? Well Best Choice Auto Glass will place floor mats down on the front driver and passenger carpets so they don’t get your carpets dirty. After they fix your windshield replacement muskogee, they will remove the floor mats, vacuum the front driver and passenger carpets, clean the windows, the door jams and the rear-view mirror. Now that is excellent customer service! Mark wants his customers to know their vehicles will be in good hands and he will treat them as his own cars. Mark is very detailed and picky on how clean he keeps them so you will always know that when Mark leaves your vehicle it will be cleaner than when they started. And that is not all. If you need a chip repair fixed within 180 days of getting your windshield replaced by Best Choice Auto Glass, the chip repair is free! That is right! Just think about everything I have told you about them. Do they sound too good to be true? They are true! I urge you to google them. Read all their reviews. You will see that everyone of their customers will be loyal to them and will only use Best Choice Auto Glass. They have customers that have been with them for almost as long as they have been around! Don’t you want to become of their loyal customers too? Nobody was paid to write any of those reviews. They are completely honest feedback from the people Mark and his team of technicians have provided service for in the Tulsa, Muskogee and surrounding areas. Your windshield replacement Muskogee will no longer be a hassle and something to stress about. You will know who to call and you will be satisfied. You will wonder why it took you so long to call them in the first place. So I urge you to not waste any more time flipping through the pages of a phone book. Pick up the phone and call them today for your free quote!