Windshield Replacement Muskogee

Did you get a chip in your windshield recently that has now cracked a very large crack through your windshield replacement Muskogee? Are you going out of town and need it this replaced done as soon as possible? Are you dreading going through page after page in the phone book and try to decide who to call and who to trust? There are so many glass companies but it is a big decision on who to call and count on. Which one will give the best price? Which one will do good quality work for the price? These are all legitimate questions. But I am here to tell you about a company that you can depend on. That you can trust. That will give you the best price for your windshield replacement muskogee and will not break you budget. I know of a company called Best Choice Auto Glass. I assure you that this glass company know what they are doing. Let me start by saying this company has been in business for twenty-seven years. That’s right! That is a long time! And let me tell you. Mark Burgess, the owner and CEO, built his company without knowing anything about the glass industry. He didn’t know how to replace a windshield or a door glass or a back glass. He didn’t know anything about moldings or urethane or how to cut out glass of a vehicle. But in the fall of 1991, he packed up his family in Anchorage, Alaska and moved to a small town in Oklahoma. He had a relative that lived in Oklahoma that owned his own glass business. So he trained under him for some time before packing his own truck and setting out on his own. He had to start from scratch. He he to build relationships with clients and prove his worth. The glass industry is a tough place to be. There is a lot of competition and Mark knew he had a lot of work to do but day after day he continued on. He didn’t give up. He started his company with strong work ethics and standards. And he never compromised those standards. And he will never compromise those standards. And everyone he hires, he makes sure they stick with the same quality of work that he gives his customers. So let us talk about what their services. There are many perks in choosing this company for your windshield replacement Muskogee. You know how sometimes you call your mechanic and schedule an oil change? Or maybe you need new tires or whatever maintenance work you need done. And maybe you have to wait a few days. Well with Best Choice Auto Glass, you do not have to wait anymore. Once you call Best Choice Auto Glass for your windshield replacement muskogee, they might be able to see you that day. If not they will see you the next day for sure. Mark understand the importance of getting your replacement done quickly. Everyone has a busy schedule and does not have time to be without their vehicle for long periods of time. We all depend on our vehicle for some many things in our day to day lives. Being without it for more than a couple of hours is difficult. Now once you book your appointment, their communication with you is amazing! If they are gonna be late, they will let you know. They never leave you hanging or just not show up. They understand how important communication is to everyone. So you will never be left wondering where they are. Now let us talk about the services you will receive during your windshield replacement muskogee. Once the technician or technicians arrive at your appointment they will place floor mats down on your front carpets. Super cool right? Do know any other glass company that cares about their customer’s carpet like that? No because there is no other company that do that. The whole replacement takes about an hour. They have to cut around the existing molding, to get the windshield loose then once it’s out they have to cut the molding off that is still on the frame of the vehicle. Now once that is done, they prime the frame for the new urethane. Then they clean the glass and prime it as well. Once both surfaces have been cleaned and primed the urethane goes down. The suction cups go on the glass and the glass is lifted and placed gently at first onto the wet urethane. Once it is in place it is firmly pressed down against the urethane so it can form a good and solid seal so it does not leak. Once they are finished with your windshield replacement muskogee, the technicians will remove the dirty floor mats they put and down and wait to you hear this! You will receive a free mini detail! Which includes vacuuming the front carpets, cleaning the exterior of the rest of the windows on the vehicle and wiping the front door jambs. Can you believe it? But wait! That is not all! You will also receive a free chip repair in the first year of getting your windshield replaced. So if you get those pesky rock chips, call Best Choice Auto Glass and they will come fix it for free! Mark knows that customer is very rare and he wants his customers to know they are well taken care of! I urge you get on google and read all their reviews. They have countless happy and satisfied and loyal customers. Once you use Best Choice Auto Glass, you will never look for another glass company again. Because you will know that they are the best around! They have the most affordable prices, best customer service and their work is good quality work. You will not be disappointed with your decision! I urge you to pick up the phone and call 918.835.6026 and get your free quote today! You will be so happy you did!