Windshield Replacement Muskogee | Best Choice Auto Glass

Best Choice Auto Glass is a family owned business founded in 1990. Which means they have been in business for 27 years! That is a lot of years and experience. Mark Burgess moved his family from Anchorage, Alaska to Haskell, Ok and had no knowledge of the glass business when he started his own company. But with a lot of patience, determination and a family of 5 to feed and support, he studied and taught himself how run his own glass business. Now I know what you might be thinking. What makes Best Choice Auto Glass stand out from the other glass companies? Well I’m glad you asked. Let me tell you about the amazing services Best Choice Auto provides. I promise, by the end, you will not wait to call them if for all your windshield replacement muskogee needs. So, let us start at the beginning. There are a couple ways to get a quote for your windshield replacement Muskogee. The first option is to find us through searching google. Once you find our website( you will find a section to enter your first and last name, your phone number and the make and model of your vehicle. Once you send your quote request, we receive an email with all of your information. Within the hour of receiving your quote request, we will call you with that quote. The other option is to call our phone number directly. You will speak with a representative and will be given a quote right over the phone. Easy right? So now, let us talk about the services that Best Choice Auto Glass will provide if you choose to have your windshield replacement Muskogee taken care of by us. Once you have decided to use Best Choice Auto Glass, we provide same day scheduling! If for some reason we cannot get to you the same day, we will schedule your appointment for the next day. We are completely mobile which means we will come to you! We will work around your schedule! We understand it is tough to take off time from work or sacrifice time from your busy day to take care of something like a windshield replacement or chip repair. We can come to your place of work and you won’t even have to take the time off. Or we can make it even more convenient for you and come to your home. So that you don’t have to worry about driving anywhere. The whole job will take between 1-2 hours. Sounds great already right? Just wait, I haven’t even gotten to the good part yet. Your windshield replacement Muskogee will be in good hands. We offer services no other company in Tulsa or the surrounding area offers. Mark Burgess, owner, strives to provide his customers with quality customer service. He treats your vehicle like one of his own. During your windshield replacement Muskogee installation or chip repair, our technicians will lay floor mats down in the driver and passenger side of your vehicle so that they do not track dirt or mud on your carpets. After the job is complete, our technicians will vacuum out the front carpets, clean the door jam, and clean the rear view mirror. Now that’s what I am talking about! We will leave your car cleaner than when we started. Do you know of a company that provides that kind of customer service? The answer is probably no because there is no other company that does that. Mark Burgess, is a man of standards and values and strives to provide his customers with the best service he can provide. And it is very evident in his work. Mark offers a lifetime warranty on his replacements or repairs. And that is not all! We also offer a free chip repair in the first 180 days of getting your windshield replacement Muskogee done! Which is a $55 value. It just keeps getting better and better. Best Choice Auto Glass is also known for their competitive prices. Best Choice understands that sometimes it is hard to budget for car expenses. That’s why Mark has strived to make his work affordable for that reason. Sure, you might find a price here or there that is cheaper but it you have to make sure you get a lifetime warranty. A lot of companies do not include a lifetime warranty and a lot of people may not know to ask for that. So you get a your windshield replacement Muskogee done for less but in a week you might be having a leak and the company does not provide a lifetime warranty so you are out the money you paid already plus the money you have to pay to get another windshield installed. With Best Choice Auto Glass you do not have to worry about that. If your windshield leaks, we will come out and fix it with no charge to you. We will also pay for any damages done to the inside of your vehicle due to the leak. You would also have to pay for that if you went with a company that does not have a lifetime warranty. You will see Mark’s dedication to his customers and his standards with every job he does. Once you become one of his customers, you will never go to another company for your glass needs. Best Choice Auto Glass has had customers stay loyal for almost as long as the business as been around. But if you are like me, you like to see the evidence for yourself. So I urge you, call the other companies. Ask them for quotes and about the services they provide and what warranties they give you. But when it comes experience you won’t find a glass business with higher quality work and excellent customer service! Don’t waste any more time. Mark or one of his representatives are standing by to give you a free quote and set up your appointment! Give us a call today!