Windshield Replacement Tulsa

I know it is absolutely frustrating to be driving down the road, minding your own business and a rock suddenly flings up and hits your windshield replacement tulsa directly in the middle. You actually see the crack yourself start to immediately start to crawl across your windshield. Maybe you just went through all your bills, paid them and do not have a lot left over for the rest of the month. Everyone has been in that situation. Maybe you have heard of people talk about the cost of windshields and you do not know what to do because have it cost a lot. Well I am here to relieve your stress and worry. I can personally recommend company that is affordable, fast and mobile service but most importantly has amazing customer service and the quality of work is out of this world. You may think that sounds too good to be true but it is not. I assure. Like I said I know from experience. The name of this company is called Best Choice Auto Glass. And this glass company has been in busy for twenty-seven years. That is right! Twenty-seven years! Wouldn’t you trust a company for your windshield replacement tulsa that has been around for that long? But wait until you hear what I got to say about their services and their customer service. But let us first talk about how they got started. Mark Burgess, owner and CEO, moved with his family from Anchorage, Alaska and settled in a small town in Oklahoma. He had a completely different profession then installing glass so when he came to Oklahoma. He knew nothing about it. He had a relative though that lived in Oklahoma that actually owned his own glass business. So he went and trained with him for a while on how to install windshields, back glasses, and door glasses. He couldn’t train for very long because he had a family to feed so he needed to get to work. He packed up his truck with equipment and supplies and headed out on his own. He didn’t buy or rent a building, he just packed up his truck and went on the road. You see he thought most people would value and appreciate their windshield replacement tulsa brought to them. And not having to drive to a shop and sit and wait for sometimes hours. We all have experienced that! That is why Mark thought more people would appreciate him coming to them for their windshield replacement tulsa. And let me tell you. That is the truth! If you don’t want to take off work to spend the day in a shop, Best Choice Auto Glass will come to your work. Or maybe you don’t want to leave home. Maybe you are at home and have a house full of kids and you don’t want to have to pack them all up and drive to a shop and sit and wait for a couple of hours. More if they don’t get to your car in time. Best Choice Auto Glass will come to you driveway and fix your windshield replacement tulsa. And here is the thing Best Choice Auto Glass not does the private sector windshields, he also gets up on those huge semi trucks and replaces their double or single piece windshield. Mark even cuts glass for heavy equipment! That is some jack of all trades. Not many private individuals cut glass without paying a big company an arm and a leg. But Mark has self taught himself and his customers are very appreciated by that! And of course Mark and his technicians fixes chip in your windshield replacement tulsa as well. As long as you can cover with a corn no bigger than a quarter, they can fix it. And not too deep. Now you can often get what they call as surface chips. Or pitted chips. Those are not repairable because they are not deep enough to fill. And once he fills and cures it, you will hardly know anything was there in the first place! Now let me tell you about what to expect with come fix your windshield replacement. One of the great things about Best Choice Auto Glass is their communication. You will never have to worry about them not showing up for your appointment. They will call you if they are running late but they will never just not show up. So when they arrive they will place floor mats on your front carpets. Amazing right? You will not find another company around that will be as detailed as Best Choice Auto Glass. The whole installation takes about an hour and then after it is complete, the technicians will remove the floor mats, dispose of them and here is the really exciting part! They will do a mini detail service afterwards. Which includes vacuuming the front carpets, wiping the front door jambs and cleaning the exterior of the rest of the windows on your vehicle. Awesome right? I bet you didn’t see that coming! And that is not all! You will get a free chip repair in the first year of getting that done! Which is a $55 dollar value! I know it sounds too good to be true, but it is not. I assure you! You will see that you made the right decision to choose Best Choice Auto Glass within the first five minutes. The technicians are very thorough and detailed. Not to mention they are affordable! Most places will charge you and arm and a leg for a windshield replacement like Safelite or Robinson’s glass. But not Best Choice Auto Glass. Mark knows exactly what it is like to live on a budget so makes it affordable. If you don’t believe me, get on google and read their reviews! You will see many happy and satisfied customers! So don’t wait any longer to be one of them! Call Best Choice Auto Glass at 918.835.6026 to book your appointment today!