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Do you have chip or a big crack on your windshield replacement Tulsa that needs to be fixed? And you keep putting it off because it takes money and time to find a company good enough and that you trust to do it? Well if this is the case, I am here to save you money and save you time. Let me tell you about a company called Best Choice Auto Glass. This company has been in business for twenty-seven years! Now, I don’t know about you but I would trust a company that has been around for twenty-seven years rather than a company that has been around for ten. Mark Burgess, founder and owner of Best Choice Auto Glass, is completely mobile with his work. So he and his technicians will come to you for your windshield replacement Tulsa. That means he will come to wherever is most convenient for you. Whether that be your place of work or the comfort of your home. Mark’s standards of customer service is very high. And those standards have never wavered throughout the years. In fact they just keep getting higher and higher. Mark and his team of technicians wants his customers to get the best quality work for their money. Let me give you an example of Mark’s integrity and dependability. If Mark brought two windshields with him to your windshield replacement Tulsa because he wasn’t sure which one your vehicle would need and one was more expensive than the other, he would not take advantage of the fact you might not know this and tell you, you would need the more expensive one. He would install only the windshield your vehicle needs and save you money. Most companies quote you the most expensive one right off knowing you won’t know the difference in a few little details. This is just one example how Best Choice Auto Glass stands out to other companies in Tulsa and the surrounding areas. But that is not all. Best Choice Auto Glass has very competitive prices and same day scheduling! A lot of companies will not be able to schedule you the same day. And maybe not even the next day. There are companies that make you wait four or five days maybe even a week. Now if you call us at four o’clock in the afternoon, we may not get that day. But we would definitely get you set up for your windshield replacement Tulsa the next day. Mark understands the hassle and nuisance of dealing with a crack or chip while driving so he does his best to get it fixed right away. During the installation process or fixing of a chip repair, our technicians will always place a floor mat down on both the driver and passenger side so we do not get dirt on your carpets. Once the job is complete, our technicians will vacuum your front carpets just in case any dirt did sneak in from their shoes. They will also clean both the driver and passenger door glass, the rear view mirror and clean out the door jams. No other company offers services like this. Why you might ask? Because no other company cares about customer service like Best Choice Auto Glass does. And that is why he has so many loyal customers too. A lot of Best Choice Auto Glass customers have been with them almost as long as he has been in business. Your windshield replacement Tulsa needs to be as painless and quick as possible. And that is the difference between Mark and other companies. Mark thinks about the customers needs as far as money and time goes. Other companies think about getting paid and doing things in their time. It is true that Best Choice Auto Glass is not a big company that most people might expect for one that has been in business for twenty-seven years. Mark has chosen not to have a shop but rather would make the process easier for his customers in being able to come to them. But twenty-seven years is a long time to perfect many things and it has only allowed his standards and values to grow. Your windshield replacement Tulsa experience will leave you satisfied and you will never need to worry about who you will call for your next auto glass needs. And if you happen to get a chip in your windshield replacement Tulsa windshield that needs to be fixed within the first 180 days of your replacement, then Best Choice Auto Glass will do it for free! That is a $55 dollar value. They just keep sounding better and better right? That is what I am trying to tell. This is a company that values their customers no matter the price. The customer is their first priority. But I also understand the desire to do research. To call around. Ask questions. Speak to someone directly. To hear the tone in their voice. To read reviews. I get that. You will find Best Choice Auto Glass will not have the most reviews nor will they have the fewest. But I can guarantee you that the reviews are from people who know the difference between quality and quantity. They appreciate a man with values and standards. So I urge you to read reviews. Best Choice Auto Glass reviews and other companies reviews. Compare them. You will see a pattern with Best Choice Auto Glass reviews. They will talk about honesty and dependability. They will talk about values and standards. They will talk about the quality of his work that Mark and his technicians provide. They will talk about the small details like the cleaning services after the job is complete. They will also talk about how they will never call another glass company again for their glass needs. And after reading all those reviews I ask you which company you would trust with your windshield replacement Tulsa needs? I urge you to give Best Choice Auto Glass a call today for your free quote! 918 835 6026