Windshield Replacement Tulsa

One thing that we all have as humans around the world and if you have ever owned a car is dealing with rock chips or a cracked windshield. I mean everyone that has ever had a car deals with this at some point. Now some people choose to do nothing and will drive their car without fixing anything. Why? Probably because the cost to replace a windshield can be expensive and most people have to save up for it. I get it. I am one of those people. I am also one of those people who will pay the extra money to get something with warranty. You will find those people that will charge stupid low rates for a new windshield. And you know what you will get? Let it rain and you will find out. That is right. It will leak. And because it was so cheap, they do not have a warranty with it. So you will be out the cost of that windshield plus another. When you should have just spent the extra money to get something good quality. Now there are a lot of things in life you can buy that is cheap and no warranty and that is ok. Such as a cheap appliance or a small electric device. But when it comes to the safety and quality of something that protects your life and maybe that of your kids and loved ones, it is worth to spend the extra money to get it. So what if you have to save for a little longer. What is more important than the safety of your kids or loved ones? Even yourself? But where are earth do you begin to start looking for the right company to fix your windshield replacement tulsa? Do you look in the phone book? Google? Ask friends or family who they recommend? That is a good start but I am here to tell you about a company that will fix your windshield replacement tulsa for an affordable price, fast mobile service, and the quality of work is second to none. I promise you will not find the quality of work anywhere else. But let me start at the beginning. I am getting ahead of myself. The name of the glass company is called Best Choice Auto Glass. And would you believe that this company has been around since 1991? I know! That is a long time! Let me tell you about the owner and what kind of glass company it is. Mark Burgess, the owner and founder, started his company twenty-eight years ago. He knew nothing about the glass business. He was not even from Oklahoma. He lived in Alaska until he packed up his wife and three kids and moved to a small town in Oklahoma. And he did not know anything about the glass business. Most people don’t know anything about their occupation before they get started so you know what he did? He had a relative that owned his own glass business so he went to him and trained under him for a while before packing up his own small truck and heading out on the road. He had no client base, meager tools, and no one ever heard of him. But did that stop him? NO. With a lot of determination, he set out. It took him some time, but soon he proved himself loyal, dependable, fast, efficient and reliable. Qualities that are hard to find these days. Slowly and as the years past, his name is now known for being one of the highest rated glass companies in Oklahoma! Mark is a family man. A man of honor. A man of ethics. A man of integrity. A man to be respected. Your windshield replacement tulsa could not be in better hands. Scheduling an appointment is super easy too. They can get to your windshield replacement tulsa within twenty-four to forty-eight hours. Sometimes the same day if you call them early enough. A lot of companies can’t get you in for three or four days. But with Best Choice Auto Glass they will get to your windshield replacement tulsa fast AND they are mobile too! They have a shop but they do most of their work mobile so if you don’t want to take the time off of work, have them come to your work. Or maybe you do not want to leave your home. Maybe you work from home or have small kids that you don’t want to pack up and haul around for half a day or maybe even the whole day. So now let me tell you about the amazing package you get when you choose Best Choice Auto Glass. When they arrive for your appointment, they will lay floor mats down on your front carpets and put seat protectors on your front seats as well, so they don’t get anything on them. Nice right? The whole replacement takes about an hour to do. They have to cut the old windshield out. Cut the old urethane out, clean the body, clean and prime the glass and then put new urethane down. Once that new windshield is down, it has to sit for thirty minutes before you can drive it, to let the urethane cure. Here comes the good part! After removing the floor mats and seat covers, the technicians will vacuum the front carpets, clean the exterior of the rest of the windows on your vehicle and wipe the front door jambs. You were not expecting that right? You will not find another glass company around that will give the quality of work that Best Choice Auto Glass gives their customers. AND you get a free chip repair in the first year which is a $55 dollar value! Trust me, I know from experience, it is not too good to be true! So stop wasting time and effort to call other companies. There is ONLY one company you should call and that is Best Choice Auto Glass!