Windshield Replacement Tulsa

We are in the era of luxury cars. It’s wonderful. Everyone would probably like to own a beautiful new car with countless new features and gadgets. Well that may be nice but it doesn’t come without a price. Because what most people don’t count on is having to dig deep in their pockets for a windshield replacement tulsa. Say you are driving down the road, minding your own business and a huge rock gets flung up and hits you right in the middle of your windshield creating a very large chip and then several spider legs as they call them. Which only increases in length as you are driving down the road. What are you gonna do? You do not know who to call for a windshield replacement tulsa. It would be nice to know someone in the glass business right? Someone who you can count on? Someone who you can rely on for good, quality work and someone who will do things right? Do not be worried anymore. I know about a glass company who are not only rated one of the highest in Oklahoma for their incredible, quality work, fast and mobile service, quick response time, excellent customer service, honesty, integrity and great communication. Sounds too good to be true? I assure it is not. This company actually exists and their name is Best Choice Auto Glass. This business is owned by a man named Mark Burgess. He moved to Oklahoma from Anchorage, Alaska in the fall of 1991. And you know what is funny? He didn’t know anything about the glass industry or how to do windshield replacements or replace door glass or power sliders or anything. But he had a relative that owned his own glass business here in Oklahoma so he trained under him for some time and then with determination he packed up his own truck with the equipment he needed and set out on his own. Which means he was completely mobile when he started and twenty-seven years later he still does everything mobile. And you know what? Customers love that they come to them for their windshield replacement tulsa. Who wouldn’t want that? I mean if you don’t have to take off work and spend your day at a shop in the waiting room then call Best Choice Auto Glass! Or maybe you don’t want to leave home. Maybe you have young kids and don’t want to haul them with you and wait in a waiting room. I know how frustrating that can be. It is also frustrating to have to be without your car for a whole day, even half a day. Everyone has too busy of a schedule to be without their car for that long. Your windshield replacement tulsa will only take about an hour. So they can fix your windshield replacement tulsa while you are working! Or in the driveway of you home! Convenient right? So once they arrive for your windshield replacement tulsa, they will place floor mats on your front carpets so they don’t get them dirty with their dirty shoes. I assure you, no other company is gonna care about getting your front carpets dirty with their shoes. But Mark wants his customers to know that he will treat their vehicles like his own. And he will leave them cleaner than when he started. Because after the installation is done, the technicians will remove those floor mats and guess what? They will vacuum your front carpets, clean the exterior of the rest of the windows and wipe the front door jambs. Amazing service right? You will also get a free chip repair in the first year of your windshield replacement. That is a $55 dollar value! You will not find another glass company that will go above and beyond like Best Choice Auto Glass does. And if you don’t believe me you should google them and read their reviews. You will see many happy and satisfied customers. As well as loyal. They used Best Choice Auto Glass once and that is all they had to do. Sure, there are many other good companies out there perhaps, but none of them go the extent that Best Choice Auto Glass goes too. You will not see a lot of companies replace windshields according the safety specifications that they should. In most cases, a lot of the stuff the glass technician does when replacing a windshield requires a lot of training. Even down to the urethane. Most companie will not do the replacement according to the specific safety regulations. They bypass them. Best Choice Auto Glass will not. They will not compromise those safety requirements just to get the windshield replacement done quicker. I’ll give you another example that Best Choice Auto Glass honesty comes into play. If you were to call around getting price quotes for a windshield replacement, most companies will quote you one glass. And that will more than likely be the most expensive windshield. One that comes with “all” the options on it. Because what most people don’t know is that there can be more than one windshield for your vehicle. And some of those windshields have different “options”. For example, acoustic interlayer. Or lane departure warning system. Or forward collision alert. Or a rain sensor. And you can not just put a plain jane windshield without any of these options if you do. Which makes it a more expensive windshield. But Best Choice Auto Glass will ask these questions and find out what options you have so they can quote you the right windshield. So you will not be paying for a windshield with options you do not have. That is how honest Best Choice Auto Glass is. And everyone knows this. So stop wasting your time flipping through the phone and scrolling through the internet. There is only one company you should call and that is Best Choice Auto Glass. So pick up the phone and call 918.835.6026 and give them a call today!