Windshield Replacement Tulsa

I understand the frustration of driving down the road and that big rock hits your windshield and creates a huge crack down the center of it. You don’t have the time to be without your vehicle for a day to fix it. And you are about to leave town so you need it done as soon as possible but you also need it affordable. Well get comfortable because I want to tell you about one of the highest rated glass companies in Oklahoma. You will want to hear about them. After I tell you about them, you will want to call them for your windshield replacement tulsa. And would you believe they have been around since 1991? Yes, you heard right! That is twenty-seven years! They have to be good right? Well they are not only good. They are the best. The name of this glass company is Best Choice Auto Glass. It was founded and owned by Mark Burgess. He didn’t know anything about the glass industry when he moved to Oklahoma in 1991. He trained under a relative who owned his glass business. Mark wanted to build his company with honesty, dependability, high standards and excellent customer service. And that is exactly what he did. Best Choice Auto Glass services Tulsa and Muskogee and the surrounding areas. And guess what? They are COMPLETELY mobile! So if you don’t want to take the time to take off work to take your vehicle in and then be without it for a day or more you don’t have to with Best Choice Auto Glass. Or maybe you are at home and you have a house full kids and it would be too much of a hassle to pack them up and take them with you. Or maybe you are working from home and can’t take the time off to go get it done. No need to worry about that. Best Choice Auto Glass will come fix your windshield replacement tulsa right in the comfort of your driveway! Or the parking lot of your work. The only thing you will need to do is come unlock your vehicle so the technicians can get inside to take the windshield out or the back glass or whatever it is you are having them replace. Convenient right? Trust me by the end of this you will be wondering why you didn’t call them first. That is just one perk to Best Choice Auto Glass. Another one is if you call early enough in the day they might be able to fix your windshield replacement tulsa that day! If not they will for sure come to you the next day! That is incredibly fast service right? Most glass companies won’t be able to get you in for a couple of days. I have been told by some customer’s that Safelite wait is like a week! No one has time for that! You will NEVER have to worry about that with Best Choice Auto Glass. They will ALWAYS see you within twenty-four to forty-eight hours after you call them. Best Choice Auto Glass understands it is also about safety. It is not say for anyone to be driving a vehicle with a cracked windshield. You never know what may hit it. Even just a rock coming at you may make all the difference. You see the integrity of the windshield is already compromised with the crack and may not withstand another impact even if it is just a small rock. Your windshield replacement tulsa will be their priority from start to finish. So once you book an appointment with them, you will never have to worry about them not showing up. If they are running late, they will call you, if they need to move your appointment time, they will call you. Some companies will book an appointment and then not show up. Crazy right? That is obviously not professional but makes no sense. That is someone who doesn’t respect themselves or their customers. Once the technicians have arrived for your appointment they will place floor mats on your front carpets. What other company do you know that goes over and beyond for their customer service? Well I can answer that question. No one does. Best Choice Auto Glass is the best for that reason. Mark wanted his customers to know he will take care of their vehicle like his own. And Mark is extremely good at taking care of his vehicles. Work and personal. He will wash them down, vacuum them, clean the inside at least once a month. So you will always know that your windshield replacement tulsa will be done right. Mark has taken years to learn how replace windshield safely according to the industries standards. After the installation is finished, the technicians will remove and dispose of the floor mats and vacuum the front carpets. You weren’t expecting that right? But it is true! And that is not all! They will clean the exterior of the rest of the windows and wipe the front door jambs. Your windshield replacement tulsa just got better right? And you were worrying and stressing about it so much. Again this just shows Best Choice Auto Glass knows what they are doing. And it is clear what Mark’s message is. If you don’t believe me, Google Best Choice Auto Glass and read their reviews. There is a reason they are rated one of the highest glass companies in Oklahoma! They are also very affordable! Most companies will charge you and arm and a leg but Best Choice Auto Glass will make your windshield replacement, door glass or back glass affordable. You won’t be frowning when handing over that cash or check because you will have comfort knowing you didn’t break your budget. So I urge you to not waste any more time looking for another company. Pick up the phone and call Best Choice Auto Glass today at 918.835.6026
and speak to a customer representative today for your free quote!