Windshield Replacement Tulsa

Do you have a new vehicle that has a chip in it in the windshield? Can you cover it with a quarter or smaller? Or maybe it is has a large crack in your windshield replacement tulsa? Either one, I know exactly what you should and shouldn’t do. What you shouldn’t do is spend hours and hours pouring over a phone, flipping through page after page over glass companies. What you shouldn’t do is spend hours and hours on the phone either. Because I know finding the cheapest price is important because of your budget. And you want to make sure you get a well known glass company, not some off the road company that will do an awful job. You want your windshield replacement tulsa done right. I completely understand that. That is why I want to tell you about Best Choice Auto Glass. They are known around Oklahoma to be one of the most affordable, fastest and most honest glass companies in Tulsa and the surrounding areas. Just get on Google and read their reviews. They have over a hundred and fifty reviews. Not to mention the countless loyal customers they have and keep getting. So let me tell you about this company. Best Choice Auto Glass is owned and operated by Mark Burgess. He packed up his family in the fall of 1991 from Anchorage, Alaska and moved to a small town in Oklahoma. The funny thing is, Mark didn’t know anything about how to install windshields or fix chips. He had a completely different career. So when he moved to Oklahoma in 1991, he went and trained under a relative that owned his own glass business. Of course, he couldn’t learn everything in a few weeks time but he did learn enough to be able to set out on his own. So he packed up his truck with the supplies he needed and headed out. That was twenty-eight years ago. It took determination and a lot of hard work but you know what? He did it. Twenty-eight years later and he has so many loyal customers. Why? Because everyone sees the value in his work and his character. Best Choice Auto Glass not only replaced windshield replacement tulsa, but they also replace semi-truck glass. And Mark has a lot of commercial accounts and many of them have been with him for twenty years or more. Mark is focused on providing his customers with the fastest, best quality and smoothest experience he can. He wants you to think of your windshield replacement tulsa as an experience you won’t have to worry about again. Because you know if something happens again, you will know who to call. So let us talk about their services. Best Choice Auto Glass is super easy to book your appointment. Once you call them and speak to a customer service representative. That is right. I said speak to customer service. NO automated phone system with this business. Unless you call after hours of course. The customer service representative will ask the questions needed to figure out what windshield replacement tulsa you need. You see most people don’t know that each car may have more than one windshield depending on what “options” your vehicle has. Like if you have the lane departure warning system. So if you are getting out of your lane, your driver’s seat will vibrate or you will get a flashing light on your dash. Or maybe you have a rain sensor. That is a device that automatically speeds up your windshield wipers when they are put on delay. Or maybe you have the acoustic interlayer. That is the sound dampening field that they put in between the layers of the windshield. So it makes things like road noise much quieter. It also can work with you blue tooth systems. The manufacturer made the windshield to work hand in hand with your bluetooth systems. So if you have any hands free systems, they may not work properly if you do not go back with a windshield that has the acoustic. The Best Choice Auto Glass customer representatives will ask these questions and find out exactly what options you have. Most companies will not ask these questions. They will quote give you a quote for your windshield replacement tulsa and not find out about these options. And let me tell you. It definitely makes a difference on the price. And Mark knows that. So that is why he has his customer service representatives ask the questions that is needed to find what windshield is needed for your vehicle. So here is the process when you book your appointment. Best Choice Auto Glass is fast to get you on their schedule. They will get to you within twenty-four to forty-eight hours of you calling them. Fast right? Most places will have you waiting for three or four days before they can fit you in. But Best Choice Auto Glass understands the importance of getting this done immediately. And they are amazing at communication too. They will call you if they need to move or appointment or if they will be late. You will NEVER have to worry about them just not showing up. The technicians will arrive and the whole process takes about an hour. And they will take good care of your vehicle. Mark has always told his customers that he will take care of their vehicle like he takes care of his. And Mark is very particular about his vehicles. Work and personal. And very detailed. So you will be comforted that Mark and his technicians will leave your vehicle cleaner than when he started. And I know that from experience. And that is why I am begging you to choose only Best Choice Auto Glass for all your auto glass needs. There is no need to call anyone other company. So pick up the phone right now and call 918.835.6026 and speak to one of their customer service representatives today!