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If you ever need a windshield replacement Tulsa, look no further than Best Choice Auto Glass for all your windshield replacement Tulsa needs. If you don’t need a windshield replacement now, that is okay. I still want you to do something. Get on your smart phone or computer and go to the website for Best Choice Auto Glass. Take a note card and write down the contact information for Mark Burgess. You can do this multiple times if you want. Put one in your car. One can go into your storm emergency kit. You can type this contact information into your phone for instant access. Tape it to your fridge. If you always have access to this information, you can call Mark for a windshield whenever you need one. If a bad thunderstorm comes around, or hail, or a tree falls down and hits your car, or high speed winds crack your windshield, more than likely you’ll need a new windshield. When hail does hit your car, most of the time your car is still okay to drive.
The windshield is the only part that is messed up. But just because you can drive a car with a cracked windshield does not mean you’ll want to or you should. Call Best Choice Auto Glass for a windshield as soon as you need it, and you will get one that is high quality but still affordable. It’s important that you listen to this call to action and do as it suggests. You don’t want to get stuck after a storm of some kind without a name to call. It could take days to find someone to do your windshield because if your car was hit, it’s likely that other people’s cars were hit, too. You sure don’t want to be that one person who doesn’t have a plan lined up ahead of time. Waiting days for a new windshield when yours is really cracked or completely shattered is not fun. You can’t drive a car with a completely shattered windshield. So before you go any further, write down the contact information for Mark Burgess at Best Choice Auto Glass. Something that other windshield companies sometimes don’t offer is same day service. If you call Mark, he will do his very best to get a windshield to you that day, or the day after if he has to.
Customer service is important to the people at Best Choice Auto Glass, and he wants to give you the very best service that he can. Windshield replacement Tulsa is a large market, and in order to serve as many customers as possible, Mark has hired two guys to work for him. These guys are also committed to making sure you have the best experience possible with our company. When you really need a windshield, you need it then. Why do you need to wait to get one three or four days out, or even a week? Call Mark for fast service that is friendly and affordable. Who do you go to for windshield repairs and replacements? How long does it take them to get to you? Where do you have to go?
How many hours do you spend in a waiting room, losing time? And, most important of all, what do they do when you need them the most? Make you late for work? Well, the good news is, not ALL windshield companies are like that. Some get you in fast and easy. Oklahoma sees a lot of severe weather, and as a result, people often have to get their windshield replaced or repaired, causing incredible hassle and trouble. But not all companies make the consequences of severe weather as troubling as others do. Best Choice Auto Glass is one of the latter companies. They are mobile, so they will come to you. Many people need a windshield repaired or replaced after a flood, and their car is damaged by debris, or the car’s windshield is busted by a tornado or severe thunderstorm. Many companies would take days to get your windshield replaced, and even then your windshield may leak because they didn’t stay long enough to get the job done right and had other customers to get to, causing

you to have to get it done again, wasting time and money. But not Best Choice Auto Glass. They are fast and hassle-free, making sure you don’t have to worry about a thing. Life is so unpredictable, we never know what it will throw at us, so here is a safety precaution that will save you time used looking on the computer for the best company for your windshield replacement Tulsa needs. Take an index card, which can be bought at any office supply store, and write the information for Best Choice Auto Glass.
Their phone number is 918-835-6026. Mark Burgess is the owner. Put the index card in the glove box of your car, to keep it on hand for any future emergencies. Some of the advantages of having Best Choice Auto Glass take care of all of your windshield replacement Tulsa needs is that they make sure you don’t have to worry about a thing, including whether or not you will have to clean up your car after they leave. To prevent your having to spend ½ an hour cleaning the dust and mud out of your car, they always use disposable floor mats and vacuum out the front of the car after they are done. The employees are friendly and experienced, and know what they are doing, always ensuring a great job every time. And, for your further peace of mind, they guarantee all the workmanship they do. So, google Best Choice Auto Glass Tulsa, and write down 918-835-6026, as well as the name of the business and the owner’s name, and store it in the glovebox of your car against future emergencies. Best Choice Auto Glass will make sure they do the job right every time, and make sure you don’t have to worry about another windshield replacement for a long time. The key to a having a great business on your side is Googling windshield replacement Tulsa.