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Best Choice Auto Glass was founded in 1994 based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Mark Burgess, the president of the business today, started this windshield business even though he had no prior training in the area of windshield replacement Tulsa and repairs. Reading everything he could get his hands on and picking the brains of other men who replaced windshields in Tulsa, he learned everything he needed to know in order to give his customers the best work he could provide. Best Choice Auto Glass is still small today, having only two employees besides Mark. But that is okay, because small business is something to be supported. There are so many large windshield replacement Tulsa companies today, thriving especially in larger cities such as Tulsa. The temptation to use these larger businesses because they may offer a slightly lower price and sometimes be strong. However, think about this. Those larger companies have many employees. They have many more clients. They can afford to lower their prices just a little in order to bring in more business. And often when they do that, the extra business they bring in were former clients of a small windshield replacement Tulsa business. If that happens too often, that small business will get to the point where they are struggling to survive.

Small business of whatever kind is important to support. This is true for locally owned grocery stores, florist shops, and the list goes on. Small business such as these are forced out of business when stores and companies such as Walmart and 1-800 Flowers move into the area. People naturally tend to start shopping at these bigger stores because again, the price could be a little cheaper, or there could even be a significant price difference. What we must remember is that the owners of small business as well as the owners of large businesses must make money just the same. It is not wrong to shop at a large nationwide supercenter, but will it not give you more satisfaction to know that you are helping out a small business that could be struggling when you shop at one of the little locally owned shops in your hometown? This is especially true is that small business is perhaps owned by a friend or family member. You should want small business to succeed, even if it means a couple more dollars coming out of your pocket. This is true of the windshield business. Best Choice Auto Glass is small, but they can do as good of work as any larger windshield replacement Tulsa company you take your car to. If you need a windshield replacement Tulsa, there is no better option for your car than Best Choice Auto Glass. By calling Mark Burgess with Best Choice Auto Glass, you can rest assured that you are getting good quality for the price you are paying. This business will give you a fair price. Unlike other businesses, they do not sacrifice quality for quantity, but instead treat every customer like their only customer.

Have you ever heard of a monopoly? No, not the game. A monopoly is a term used to refer to a huge business that is dominating a certain field, such as oil or gas. Basically, the business owns a monopoly of the field, meaning that it is impossible for any other small businesses to stay in business, because they are unable to price their product low enough to attract customers, and as a result, lose money and time trying to start their own business. In a small town, this is very bad news. Oftentimes, monopoly owners don’t think to put a shop in a small town, and so people have to go to other places to get their supplies. This is a problem because monopolies actually provide less jobs than multiple small businesses put together, and customers have to use gas to go other places. So, there is only one thing to do: support small business! Small businesses also try to take better care of their customers quite often, in order to attract customers. Best Choice Auto Glass is one of these small businesses. It was established in 1991 by Mark Burgess, the current owner of the company. He has two employees and two trucks currently. Each time he replaces or repairs a windshield replacement Tulsa, he puts over 26 years of experience into the work he does. In order to keep him and his employees accountable, there is a guarantee on all the workmanship that they do, ensuring the job is done right the first time. He also knows how frustrating it is to have work done to your house or car and have to clean up afterwards, something that the big businesses don’t think about.

But, in order to make sure that you don’t have to deal with the hassle of having a bad repair job done, he and his employees use disposable floor mats at every job, and they will vacuum out the front of your car after the repair or replacement is complete. His employees are friendly, hard-working, and have an eagerness to do a good job, something very few employees of big businesses have. They just want to “get in and get out,” so to speak. But small businesses do a good job in order to ensure happy customers, and Best Choice Auto Glass goes above and beyond what they need to do to get happy customers. They take the greatest care possible with your vehicle, ensuring safe, strong, replacements and repairs. When you get your windshield repaired or replaced by Best Choice Auto Glass, you can rest easy in the knowledge of the work and care that went into the repair or replacement. They will treat your car as if it were their own, making sure they take the greatest care. They work fast, ensuring that your car can be ready as soon as the windshield finishes sitting. When small businesses are supported, people in small towns or even medium-sized towns are happier, because they don’t have to drive to a big store, and can get what they need right in town. So next time you need a repair or replacement, call Best Choice Auto Glass.