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Dangers of Overlooking Minor Auto Glass Damage

Almost everyone has done the following: kept on driving even after they noticed a little chip in the auto glass. It’s usually a matter of faith at that point, or the thought that it’s so small and minor it couldn’t possibly be an issue! However, the question remains: is that actually a safe practice? Or could it lead to rather harmful consequences down the line?

A tiny crack or a minute rock chip could seem negligible, but in truth, those can endanger human lives on the road.

When driving with damaged auto glass, the entire vehicle is then at risk for major damage. Worst of all, the driver and any passengers are not safe. How is this possible from something so minor? In this blog, we will explore that further.

Airbag Functionality Is Compromised

In the case of a passenger airbag deployment, the windshield is a stop mechanism. Minor windshield damage can compromise this protective feature’s functionality. A passenger-side airbag ends up generating major force when it deploys. Dings or tiny cracks in auto glass lead to weak points which are more likely to explore outward when the airbag collides forcefully with the windshield. Instead of deploying for the purpose of protecting the passenger, the airbag will end up deploying through the newly-created hole outside the window. A windshield chip repair could morph into the need for a full-blown windshield replacement if minor auto glass damage is neglected.

Less Impact Protection

When one part of a vehicle becomes compromised, the occupants no longer have the benefit of the cohesive design that makes them safe. Each component works synergistically with the rest to keep drivers and passengers alike protected. When a traffic accident occurs, the windshield absorbs some of the impacts before cracking or shattering. Any cracks or chips, however, are weak points in the auto glass that can crumble under pressure when force transfers. In turn, the force from the impact will transfer to the vehicle’s occupants which can bring serious injuries. Front seat passengers (including the driver) are also more likely to be ejected when the windshield is broken.

Vision Is Impeded By Auto Glass Damage

It’s critical that the auto glass in the vehicle isn’t just the windshield. Side mirrors and windows are just as crucial in terms of safety functions. There’s a lot of danger when those windows end up with damage, no matter how minor. Side mirrors that are cracked make viewing surrounding traffic tough. Broken side glass is particularly unhelpful and risky when the driver is switching lanes. This is because it prevents people from properly seeing vehicles in blind spots. Cracks in the side windows have much the same effect. 

In truth, any auto glass damage is dangerous. This is because the driver’s uninterrupted view of the whole roadway is obstructed.


Many people have a tendency to ignore small dings or little chips on their windshield or other auto glass. Minor auto glass damage can be just as dangerous as the bigger ones. This is because airbag functionality is compromised and there’s less impact protection, among other reasons.

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