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Different Types of Auto Glass You Should Know About

When looking at a car window, it may appear that all pieces of glass are the same. However, each pane has its own individual characteristics, such as the material from which it is made, whether it is tinted or clear, and if it provides protection from ultraviolet (UV) light. Different types of glass can be made from polycarbonate or acrylic, and some have tinting or special UV protection.

Here, Best Choice Auto Glass will be discussing the different types of auto glass and what you should know about them:

Different Types of Auto Glass

There are several types of auto glass used in vehicles today:

1. Laminated Auto Glass

Laminated auto glass is a type of automotive glass used in vehicles today. It is made up of two layers of glass, with a thin layer of plastic sandwiched between them. This type of glass is very popular in vehicles because it provides a greater degree of safety and security than other types of auto glass.

Laminated auto glass is also more resistant to damage from flying debris and other projectiles. This makes it a great choice for vehicles that are often exposed to harsh weather conditions and debris. In addition, this type of glass is also more effective at blocking ultraviolet rays, making it a great choice for vehicles that are often parked in direct sunlight.

2. Tempered Auto Glass

Tempered auto glass is one of the most common types of glass used in today’s vehicles. It is used extensively in the side and rear windows, as well as in the windshield. Tempered glass is designed to be more durable than regular glass and can withstand more force when broken.

Tempered glass is made by heating the glass until it is very hot and then cooling it quickly. This process makes the glass much stronger than regular glass. The cooling process also causes the glass to shatter into small pieces if it breaks rather than shattering into large, dangerous shards.

Tempered glass is also used in the windshield of most vehicles. While it is much more resistant to breakage, it is not unbreakable. It is still possible for the glass to break, especially if it is hit by a large object. In this case, the glass will usually shatter into small pieces and not cause any major injuries.

3. Privacy Glass

Privacy glass, also known as tinted glass, is created by adding a special coating or film to the glass. This coating or film is designed to reduce the amount of light that can pass through the glass, making the interior of the vehicle difficult to see from the outside.

Privacy glass can help reduce the amount of heat that enters the car from the sun. By adding a layer of tinting, the glass becomes more reflective and helps to keep the car cooler, reducing the need to have the air conditioning on full blast.

Privacy glass can also help reduce the risk of UV rays damaging the interior of the car, helping to keep the seats, carpets, and dashboard in good condition.

4. Safety Glass

Safety glass is one of the most commonly used types of auto glass for vehicles today. It is used in windshields, side windows, and rear windows and is designed to protect the occupants of a vehicle in the event of an automobile accident.

Safety glass is made from two layers of glass that are separated by a layer of plastic or resin. This layer of plastic helps to hold the glass together when it breaks, preventing it from shattering and flying into the car’s occupants. It also helps to keep the glass from being cut or otherwise damaged by debris.


As a car owner, it is important to be aware of the different types of auto glass that are available. It is important to select the right type of auto glass that meets the needs of the car and the driver. Additionally, it is important to ensure that the auto glass is properly installed and maintained in order to ensure the best performance and safety, so trust only Best Choice Auto Glass.

Best Choice Auto Glass is the trusted maker of the highest quality auto glass in Tulsa. Whether it’s for your personal car or your company vehicle, we can provide you with the auto glass that you need. Contact us to know more!

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