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Understanding Glass for Big Commercial Vehicles

When it comes to vehicle glass, most people gravitate towards automobile glasses. That does make sense as it is the most common and familiar type of glass, known for its form and function. However, there is another type of glass that is often overlooked by auto enthusiasts.

Commercial vehicle glass is designed for the rapidly changing needs of people who work in industries like construction, transportation, and manufacturing. People are less familiar with this market, but looking into large vehicle glass can enlighten you about how useful it can be. Continue reading to learn more about large commercial vehicle glass:

What Is Large Vehicle Glass?

Large commercial vehicles like the 18-wheelers you see on the highway are used by many for a variety of purposes. In fact, the largest of these semi-trucks can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. Such weight can cause massive damage to a vehicle, specifically the glass, if it is impacted in a collision or used excessively.

The large size of the vehicles means that an increased amount of glass is used for the windows. This glass needs to be strong enough to handle the weight and pressure it is subjected to daily. It has to be resistant to chemicals, UV rays, and extreme temperatures as well.

What Is Large Vehicle Glass Made From?

Large vehicle glass may seem like it’s just the same as regular vehicle glass. However, there are a few features that make it different, like the design and size. Commercial vehicle glass is also notably made from three layers or panes of glass:

  • An outer layer of tempered glass. A unit of tempered glass is used for the outer pane of the large commercial vehicle glass. This glass is made from a type of plastic resin,
  • An inner layer of tempered glass. The inner pane is as strong as the outer. It is made to withstand the same conditions, created from the same resin type as the outer pane.
  • An interior layer of laminated glass. The interior layer is a thick glass piece laminated between two tempered glass panes. This is made from layers of recycled glass.

Where Can Large Vehicle Glass Be Used?

Commercial vehicle glass is used for many commercial vehicles, from small buses and delivery trucks to large semi-trucks that carry heavy loads. They can also be used on transportation-intended automobiles, used to prevent any harm to both passengers and drivers. You can also consider utilizing this glass variation with custom cutting.

What Is Needed to Work with Large Vehicle Glass?

Large vehicle glass needs to be handled with careful and experienced hands. It needs to be installed by trained services to ensure that it fits the automobile properly and to prevent any harm to the people who are in the vehicle. Plus, if you’re having the glass customized, it’s best to have it done by a professional.


Getting to know large vehicle glass can be an eye-opening experience. The different glass can be applied to many vehicles to ensure that the driver and passengers remain safe throughout the journey.

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