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Importance of ADAS Recalibration After Windshield Replacement

Most drivers know that a new windshield can enhance visibility and driving safety. However, some people are unaware that they will almost certainly need to recalibrate the ADAS system when they replace the windshield glass on newer vehicles (Advanced Driver Assistance System).

ADAS cameras have developed into a crucial part of automotive safety over time. These cameras control vital safety features like lane departure warnings, collision avoidance, and blind-spot monitors in most cars. 

After a windshield replacement, these camera systems might be out of alignment and unable to operate correctly. Misaligned cameras can cause these crucial safety systems to malfunction or fail if they are not perfectly fixed.

For a better understanding of why ADAS recalibrating is necessary after windshield replacement, read on to learn more!

The Necessity of Precise Calibration

When replacing the windshield of an ADAS-equipped vehicle, technicians cannot afford to make a mistake as doing so could impair the system’s ability to give drivers a more convenient and safe driving experience.

As previously mentioned, cameras and laser sensors mounted within the windshield are standards in ADAS vehicles. These sensors and cameras typically perform the following ADAS functions:

  • Assist with lane keeping.
  • Autonomous emergency braking.
  • Automatic high-beam activation/dimming of headlights.
  • Cruise control with adaptive settings.
  • Lane departure alert.

The cameras and sensors will need to be detached and reattached by technicians as part of the windshield replacement procedure.

All ADAS equipment needs to be calibrated. For instance, a one-degree error in the camera angle would significantly alter the camera’s viewing angle. The laser sensors must be perfectly aligned to “see” the road and nearby obstacles.

The ADAS features of a car may not operate correctly when the windshield calibration is off, which could result in a collision.

Signs ADAS Requires Recalibration

Many new cars come equipped with the ADAS system as standard equipment, and many drivers know how it works. However, car owners can ignore the indications that their ADAS system needs to be periodically recalibrated.

As previously mentioned, calibration is necessary if the windshield on an ADAS-equipped vehicle needs to be replaced. Similarly, the following situations:

  • An error code is shown on the dashboard.
  • Minor vehicle collisions.
  • The camera has been stopped or unplugged.
  • The suspension of the car has been altered.
  • Following wheel alignment.

It would be ideal if mechanics servicing customers driving ADAS-equipped cars could ask if the owner has ever experienced or carried out any of the above activities. When customers bring their vehicles in for a checkup, technicians can use a checklist to determine if they need a recalibration and ensure their safety.

Technicians must have extensive training in the procedure, be meticulous with the details, and have the required tools and equipment due to the complexity of performing calibrations. Working with a mobile auto glass company might also be necessary, especially if the car owner cannot bring it to the shop for some reason.


A miscalibrated ADAS increases your vulnerability while driving and jeopardizes the performance of essential safety systems. After replacing your windshield, you can ensure the continued protection of crucial safety systems by having your ADAS system calibrated by a professional.

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