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Everything You Need to Know About Windshield Cameras

Modern cars are just as technologically advanced as any other gadget. Some have GPS, Bluetooth, and even cameras to assist with parking. One example of automobile technology gaining traction in recent years is windshield cameras.

These cameras are designed to give the driver an extra layer of visibility that they might not have with just their windshield. When people think of these devices, they think of how they can help keep their cars safe in the event of an accident, too. It’s a safety feature that detects other vehicles and larger objects like trees, poles, and animals.

In this article, we’ll discuss the basics of windshield cameras. Read on below to get started.

More about Windshield Cameras

As the name suggests, these cameras are usually mounted at the front of a vehicle before the windshield. They’re placed there to give the driver a clear view of the road and their surroundings. This can help in the event of an accident, as the windshield camera may have captured the accident if the car has a recording system. It can also give details about an accident that may have occurred.

These windshield cameras come in a wide range of sizes. Some are small enough to be mounted on a cell phone, while others are large and bulky. The camera’s size depends on where it will be put and how the driver wants to see what’s happening.

Setting Up a Windshield Camera

No windshield camera is the same as others, so there are two different ways to calibrate one. These include:

Static Calibration

Adjusting the camera during the installation process is known as static calibration. The process is usually automated, but it does require the installation to be done by a professional. This calibration process is recommended for more complicated windshield cameras.

Dynamic Calibration

This type of calibration doesn’t require any special tools, so it’s easy to do. It’s when the driver uses their car to set up the camera. They travel in their car to various locations and calibrate the camera depending on how they use it. There are also instances where two people are required for this to work.

Why Calibration Matters

A pivotal part of setting up a windshield camera is properly calibrating it. Doing so is necessary for the camera to work correctly. This is especially important for the device to work correctly with the car’s system. If calibration is not done correctly, the camera may not display what the driver sees. For example, the driver will hear the honking of the horn, but they are unable to see what’s causing it.

Calibration is also vital because it ensures that the camera is pointed in the right direction. Otherwise, the driver may not be able to see what’s going on in front of them. This can be problematic for the driver, especially if there are vehicles on the road and the driver cannot see them.

In addition to being pointed in the right direction, calibration should also account for the vehicle’s system. The camera may not align with the car’s direction, and the driver will end up seeing something that’s inaccurate, leading the driver to end up in an accident because of it.

The Cost of Windshield Cameras

Windshield cameras are pretty affordable. The price may depend on how the camera is made and how the driver wants to use it. A high-end camera may cost around $100 to $200, but the highest price can increase to $500.

How the driver plans to use the camera can also determine their price. For example, if the driver doesn’t plan to use the camera and just wants to mount it on their car only for aesthetic reasons, they can pay as little as $50. However, if they plan to use the camera, they will have to pay more to set it up properly.

Some cameras may have additional features not included in the camera itself. If they plan on using the camera to record images and audio, they may need to buy a separate camera. A camera with recording capabilities can cost around $200 to $500.


Windshield cameras are used to give car drivers another layer of visibility. It gives them a clearer picture of what’s in front of them, and it can help keep the driver, passengers, and others on the road safe. While the cost may seem high, the safety it provides is worth the price.

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