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Making Your New Windshield Replacement Endure

There may come a time when our windshield may need to be replaced after many years of wear and tear. Admittedly, despite our best efforts, some of us may end up damaging the original windshield of our vehicle, requiring us to replace it as soon as possible. That said, we would do everything within our capabilities to ensure that it will last longer this time around.

However, if you want to succeed in doing that, you may have to take note of the following tips below.

1. Keep Your Windshield Clean.

The easier way to keep your windshield clean is to use a quality anti-static windshield wiper. Ensure that you replace your wiper blades at least once in two or three months. This can be done so that you can avoid most of the dirt, snow, or mud splashing your windshield. If ever your windshield is already soiled and you have no other choice but to clean it, use only water to wash it clean.

2. Do Not Use Abrasive Cleaners.

Instead of using abrasive cleaners, use toothpaste to eliminate a greasy oil stain on your windshield. Just apply the toothpaste, work the grease and oil out of your windshield, and then wash it with water afterward.

3. Do Not Throw Objects at Your Windshield.

It has always been a bad idea to throw objects at your windshield. Doing so will only lead to more problems than help.

Keep your vehicle’s windshield in good condition to prevent a windshield replacement.

4. Do Not Use Harsh Chemicals.

Thoroughly wipe the cleaning chemicals from your windshield. You never want to leave any traces of harsh chemicals on the surface of your windshield. This is to prevent the windshield from becoming discolored or stained.

5. Do Not Apply Pressure to Your Windshield.

Do not apply pressure to your windshield. If you accidentally hit something, do not just push your hand to the windshield. Instead, step away and let it be. This can cause a crack or damage that worsens the condition of your windshield.

6. Do Not Use an Iron.

Avoid using heated equipment to smoothen out the marks on your windshield. This is because you might end up damaging the glass. Also, never use a hairdryer to dry out a wet windshield.

7. Do Not Rely on Your Windscreen Wipers.

They say that you never know the strength of your windshield until it rains. Test your windshield wipers at least twice a year. Make sure that your windshield wipers can effectively clean your windshield.

8. Do Not Drive with Cracks in Your Windshield.

Driving with cracks in your windshield will only make things worse. If you are caught driving with cracks in your windshield, you may be forced to bear the new windshield cost and hefty fines from the authorities.

9. Do Not Install Tinting Film on Your Windshield.

The reason behind this is that tinting films will result in fogging. Many people do not know that tinting films are not made to be permanent. This is why you have to replace them at least once every two or three years.


Overall, the methods to protect your newly-replaced windshield aren’t really that hard. As long as you know the right tips to follow, you should be able to keep it in good condition for a long time. All you have to do is to be very careful and patient all the way. If ever you want to protect your expensive windshield, do not forget to note our recommendations above.

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