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Why DIY Windshield Repair Isn’t Safe

While some car repairs can be done on your own, others need the expertise of professional vehicle repair services. Windshield repairs belong to the latter.

You May End Up Getting Hurt

The repair of windshields is not a simple task. The reason: there are multiple layers to the windshield, and you need to remove almost all of them to do a proper repair. This means that you need to remove the interlayer, adhesion layer, anti-glare layer, and outer layer. The process can be quite dangerous even for experienced technicians.

If you choose to fix the windshield on your own, you’ll be left with the task of removing the inner layers of the windshield, which can be quite difficult depending on the size of the crack. If you are not careful when repairing, you may end up hurting yourself and can even cause the windshield to crack even further.

It’s also important to note that windshields need to be vacuumed and completely dried before you can even begin the actual repair. If you don’t vacuum and dry the windshield, you may end up causing more damage to it, making it more costly to fix.

You May End Up Shattering the Entire Windshield

Renowned auto glass technicians will tell you that fixing a small windshield crack is not much of a problem. But, if you continue to try to fix it using your own knuckles, you might end up shattering the entire windshield.

That’s because there are different kinds of windshield cracks. Some are cosmetic, and others need to be fixed immediately because they can easily cause the windshield to shatter. You can tell which kind you have by studying the crack carefully. Any crack that goes all the way through the glass or where you see bubbles or a spider web is a sign that the crack is not cosmetic, and you have to have it fixed immediately.

Doing it on your own is not worth the risk because shattering a windshield is not something you can easily fix. You’ll have to replace it, and that’s going to cost you more money.

You Might Get the Wrong Products or Tools

If you do decide to do the repair on your own, you’ll need to get all the tools and products that you need, and that alone can be a problem. Most auto shops are not allowed to sell their products or tools to you. Some stores are not even interested in selling to the general public.

If you go to an auto shop, they’re not going to sell you their windshield repair kits. Even if they do, you won’t get the right tools and products that you need to do a proper job. In fact, you might even end up getting a poor-quality product that won’t even do the job properly.

You’ll waste time and money, and you won’t even get the results that you want.

Lastly, the repair of windshields without the right tools and products will greatly reduce the quality of your repair. You’ll end up with a poor repair that you’ll have to replace sooner than you should.

Final Thoughts

If your windshield is damaged or you see a crack, you should get it professionally repaired right away. It’s better to pay a little more money today than to keep ignoring it and have to replace the entire windshield. In addition, if you don’t have the right tools and products, you’ll end up with a poor repair, which will cause the windshield to crack again.

Fix your damaged windshield with the help of Best Choice Auto Glass. With over 30 years in the auto glass industry, we provide quality windshield replacement in Oklahoma. Whether you have a small chip in your windshield or need your entire windshield replaced, we are committed to getting you back on the road quickly and safely. Request a quote today!

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