Window Tinting

We provide expert window tinting service that complies with legal requirements and provides many benefits to you and your vehicle.

Beat the summer heat
Oklahoma summers are scorching! Window tinting helps deflect heat and reduces interior temperatures so your car stays more comfortable. This also improves your fuel economy, because you won’t need to run your air conditioning as much.

Protect your interior
Automotive window tint protects the interior from sun exposure, which slows down the normal cracking and fading of leather and other materials inside your car. It also deters burglars because valuables aren’t visible from the outside.

Safer driving
Window tinting provides a safer drive by reducing glare on all sides for better visibility. It also acts as a protective layer of strength for your window glass, preventing shards of glass from flying in the case of an accident. Tinted windows also protect drivers and passengers from harmful UV rays while on the road.

Professional installation for beautiful results
Best Choice Auto Glass experts are trained to ensure your window tints are sleek, clean, and long-lasting. They can also help you learn how to care for the tinted windows properly. Enjoy your stylish-looking vehicle with the added benefits of increased safety and comfort!

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