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“Very reliable and dependable, when told what time he will be here they are here to perform the job.  Very honest and looks to save the customer money whenever he can.  Very knowledgeable in every area of windshield replacement from cars to trucks. Very reliable and dependable, when told what time he will be here they are here to perform the job.  Very honest and looks to save the customer money whenever he can.  Very knowledgeable in every area of windshield replacement from cars to trucks.”
– Jason Cruce – Director of Maintenance – Melton Truck Lines

“Best Choice glass has professionally taken care of our truck fleet for many years. Generally we have 4-5 vehicles each year which need replacements. Work has always been done correctly the first time and completed on time.”
Dwayne Base – Maintenance Supervisor – Pipeliners Union Local 798

“Best Choice has been providing D-A Transportation’s glass needs for 24 years. Mark’s crews are responsive, do quality work at a very competitive price helping D-A keep its down time to a minimum. I highly recommend Best Choice to anyone with these needs.”
– Jay Stafford – Senior Operations Manager- D-A Lubricants

“I had the windshield and rear quarter window on my 2006 Chevy HHR replaced by Best Choice Auto Glass and I am very satisfied with the price, quality, and the speed of the service I received from Mark and his crew. I highly recommend their service if you are in need of repair or replacement of any of your auto glass needs.”
– Rick Ferrin – AF-Transport

“I called Robinson Glass and their price was $319 and I had to bring my car to their facility. I contacted Mark Burgess and he charged me $210 and his 2-man crew came to my house to complete the job. Here are the reasons I think you should consider Mark Burgess’ company for your next automotive glass replacement. I didn’t meet Mark but his employees say he has been doing this for a long time. I want to say they told me over 20 years. Ron may remember. His length of time in the business indicates he has staying power and can indicate (not always) he provides a good service. Mark is still involved performing instancells. That morning he had completed one but had to leave for a volunteer fire department Christmas luncheon in Haskell where he is a volunteer. An involved owner is usually a good indication of good service. Plus, one of his employees said he is the best boss he has ever worked for. The 2-man crew that came to my house was neat, clean, polite and professional. One member of the team had worked for Mark for 8 years and the other guy (Brian) for 3 years. These 2 guys had a system and they executed it beautifully. If automotive glass installs could be beautiful then I nominate the work performed by these two. They moved around my car and their truck like a couple of professional dancers. One was prepping the new window and the other was performing the de-install. There were times when the de-install was best conducted with 2 workers and without any spoken words they would perform the shared task smoothly and quickly. There was never an idle moment in their labors. Their boss would be proud. They are priced competitively. Apparently Mark has contracts with large fleets. Perhaps his buying power and the speed of his experienced team(s) enables him to charge less and remain profitable.”
Mark P

“Mark Burgess of Best Choice Auto Glass responded to my online quote request literally within seconds. I had front windshields to replace on both a 2011 and a 2015 Hyundai Sonata; he had some targeted questions regarding the possible presence of heating elements in both pieces of glass for which I wasn’t prepared and couldn’t confidently answer. “No problem!,” he said, and offered to bring out four sets of glass (two without these heating elements and two with); once he was on-site, he would simply install whichever set was appropriate. He also quoted me rates for all four possible windshields so that I had a “best case scenario/worst case scenario” range from which to work.

Maybe I’m just inexperienced at how auto glass repair works, but I was astonished when Mark said they would come to me and take care of the whole operation in my own driveway—on a Saturday, no less! What a convenience! Though he is a pleasant man, Mark wasn’t overly chatty—he and his assistant were more the “jump in and get it done” type (which may have been fueled to some degree by the fact that they had a full twelve-hour day of appointments ahead, which I guess is a good problem for any business to have!). The whole operation took about two hours. Afterwards, Mark and his assistant detailed the front of both cars and all windows—and get this! THEY WERE ABLE TO PRESERVE AND RE-INSTALL MY AND MY WIFE’S PIKE PASS STICKERS! I never would have thought that possible! Lastly, Mark left me with two cards offering free window chip repair, if encountered over the next six months. Does any other Tulsa-area window repair business offer that? Because I haven’t seen it!

One last thing—the cynic in me was convinced that, with Mark bringing out two sets of glass, one set markedly lower cost than the other, Mark would say I needed the more expensive one, whether I really did or not. I mean, how would I know any better? I’m just an “Everyman”. But Mark proved to be a moral and ethical businessman by installing only what was required, which ended up being the less expensive set of glass. So if you’re looking for professionalism, competitive pricing, flexibility, efficiency, ethics and a little extra cherry on the proverbial sundae (free chip repair for six months!), I defy you to beat Best Choice Auto Glass! I know who I’m going to from now on (though I sure hope it’s a long time from now!)!”

Travis B.

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