Windshield Camera Calibration

Driver assistance systems and your windshield
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are found in many modern vehicles — they work together using cameras and other technologies to keep drivers informed and safe. Many of these systems are tied to the windshield and must be recalibrated when the windshield is repaired or replaced. Failure to recalibrate ADAS systems can result in skewed performance of systems — dangerous for driver and passengers.

Do I need recalibration services?
How can you tell if your vehicle has ADAS systems that need recalibration? If there’s a camera mounted on or near your windshield, or if your vehicle has adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance aids, incorporated GPS data, automatic braking, or other assistive technologies, you probably need recalibration services at the time of your windshield repair / replacement.

Types of recalibrations
Best Choice Auto Glass has the tools and environment necessary to perform both dynamic recalibrations (which require driving the vehicle at a set speed to recalibrate the camera system) and static recalibrations (which do not require driving, but instead use a target image mounted on a fixture in front of the vehicle).

Expert and convenient
Recognizing a growing need for recalibration services, our technicians are carefully trained to perform recalibrations — and we’re one of the only auto glass providers offering this important service. We’ll work with you to get necessary recalibrations done quickly, saving you the trouble of taking the vehicle back to the dealership to make sure it’s safe to drive again.

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