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Windshield Camera Calibration

Our technicians are carefully trained to perform recalibrations, making sure your vehicle is safe to drive.
ADAS and recalibration

Recalibration Services

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As one of the only auto glass providers offering this important service, we have the tools and environment necessary to perform both dynamic and static recalibrations. We’ll work with you to get the necessary recalibrations done quickly, saving you the trouble of taking the vehicle back to the dealership. Our technicians are carefully trained to perform recalibrations, making sure your vehicle is safe to drive.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

ADAS work by using cameras and other technologies to keep drivers informed and safe. Many of these systems are tied to the windshield and must be recalibrated when the windshield is repaired or replaced. Per all manufacturer’s requirements, we perform camera recalibration with all corresponding windshield replacement on vehicles equipped with ADAS features.

Failure to recalibrate ADAS systems can result in the skewed performance of systems which is dangerous for drivers and passengers.

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Recalibration of ADAS Systems

Do I need recalibration services?

YES if there is a camera mounted to your windshield.

YES If your vehicle has adaptive cruise control or collision avoidance aids

YES if your vehicle has Lane Departure Warning or Automatic Braking.

YES if your vehicle has assistive technologies, you will need recalibration services.


What Our Clients Are Saying

Catarina Cooper

The guys were great and they replaced my windshield very quickly! I ran an errand after I dropped my car off this morning and came back within an hour and a half and it was ready to go! The gentleman even gave me some strawberry muffins and they were good! I’m so glad I got my windshield replaced with them! My car looks so much better!

Chris Bradley

Awesome people. Quoted me a windshield on the phone this morning and had it installed 3 hours later. They installed while I waited in their waiting room. All the employees are really friendly. Cheapest and fastest place I have found in Tulsa. Highly recommend giving them a chance.

Nicolette Crider

They got me scheduled within a few days, reasonably priced, and each staff member I came in contact with was very professional and friendly! I got there early and they were able to see me right away. They were very timely and even detailed my car before giving it back to me. I will 10/10 recommend!

Hannah Hall

I cannot reccomend best choice auto glass highly enough! They are professional, quick to respond, priced fair and great customer service. They were accommodating to my schedule and needs and called when they said they would. And the mini detailing with my windshield replacement doesn't hurt either!

Emily Allen

10/10 customer service. Usually they come to you but I drove out there just due to weather. So easy, so quick, so professional; windshield replacement included free chip repair for the next year. Will definitely use them next time I have glass needs.

Kyle Smith

I completely forgot that they were coming today. However, they called me ahead of time and was pulling up to my house right after I arrived. It was great timing but their work and professionalism was even better! I hope I don’t need their services again... but if I do, I will definitely use their services again.

Ryan Tusia

Not only did they have a great price, they had good communication, they were friendly, and they did a good job. I am very happy. Also, the one year free chip repair actually makes me feel better every time I hear something 'tink' on my window.