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Windshield Glass vs. Regular Glass: How are They Different?

Every country uses glass for their windshields. But did you know that not all glass is the same? When shopping for a new windshield, it’s important to learn what makes windshield glass different from regular glass.

Windshield Glass is Created Differently

Regular glass comes from the same materials used in a car’s windshield. This glass is produced from batch-sourced materials and is extruded, melted, and pressed into shape. The windshield glass is created in this way with the same materials used in the rest of the car’s body. This is why it’s tempting to use it for other functions.

But windshield glass is not made the same way as regular glass. A special formula is developed to produce the windshield, making the glass more flexible, durable, and shock-resistant. This is why it’s the right material to use for windshields.

Windshield Glass Shatter Differently

The broken pieces are sharp and jagged when a regular glass is shattered. The sharp edges of these glass shards can be potentially dangerous to both the driver and passengers.

Windshield glass, however, is made differently. Instead of shattering into jagged pieces, windshield glass breaks into smaller circular pieces that are less dangerous. Because the windshield is made with a special formula, the glass will break into half balls instead of shard-like pieces.

With regular glass, the shards will be sharp, making it easier to cause cuts and lacerations if they should come in contact with the driver or passengers. That is why it’s important to be particularly careful when repairing or replacing the windshield glass.

Glass Used for Side and Rear Windows are a Different Type of Glass

The glass used for side and rear windows are made from tempered glass. This form of glass is more durable and resistant to breakage than regular glass.

The glass is heated up to an extremely high temperature and then cooled quickly to make tempered glass. This is done to create a tougher glass that’s more impact-resistant and less likely to break.

The difference between the glass used for side and rear windows and the glass used for windshields will be readily apparent when comparing the two types. Regular glass, which is not tempered, will break into shards. Tempered glass will break into smaller pieces which are less dangerous.

Windshield Glass is Replaced Differently

When your car’s windshield breaks, you can choose between two options. One option is to replace the windshield with an OEM windshield, or one that is made by the manufacturer. OEM windshields are manufactured by the same company that makes your car.

The other option is to use glass made by a third party company. Glass that an outside company makes will be created from the same materials as regular glass. But since this glass is made for a specific manufacturer, it will fit better and should fit more securely.

The Bottomline

Many people think that they can use regular glass to replace broken windshields. That’s not the case. The glass used for windshields is made differently, to be more durable, stronger, and more shock-resistant.

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